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Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Good Saturday in April

Dear K,

I have so much to tell you. Such a long time too. There's been a lot of changes. Regarding all my health issues, I went to do an ECG. It was so invasive, I'm glad it was done by a female doctor, not very glad actually but at least I can sleep at night. The result was good, so apparently I really am battling with stress and anxieties. How do I deal with that now? I'm having to go to the gym, I tried Kundalini yoga the other day, it's very tough. I'm going to be learning how to swim, doing pilates, some strength training and cardio. I also want to get my teeth done. I'm going to go for a free consultation soon, and probably get invisalign. I have also started counting calories! I need to eat certain amounts more than 2000 calories a day to actually gain any weight. I'm targeting 60kg in August.

My mum came around in March and we finally had 'the talk'. I was really glad to see her but didn't want to see her too much so I could dodge the awkward conversations on men, money and marriage. Anyways, she trapped me one night after work, while we were in the kitchen having dinner at my place. I told her I didn't have to get married and she was taken aback and furious, I tried to explain to her that she already had grandkids, lol! plus I had four more siblings that could be put to the task. I did tell her about W, I think my mum just wanted to hear that I'd considered a MAN, not a woman. She also said she didn't mind if the guy was going to be 'White'. I told her if I was going to do a wedding, it would have no jamboree, just family and we, the couple. She was fine with it, what a relief! It was sad to see her go, but I was fricking happy that she made a number of dishes which I have stocked in my freezer before she left.

Work. My colleague was fired. I don't know all the details but I was so surprised, not too surprised in that I thought the guy was going to call it quits himself. I'm having to step up big time, I have interviewed a junior person, who I will be managing from next week. There also is this guy...I won't say much about him, but there's been a bit of flirting here and there. Just going to watch and see how it goes.

Right now, I think I'm in a really good place. I'm understanding more and more what it means to trust God. I'm getting to know God on a whole new level. Lots of things still don't make sense to me, but I think keeping an open mind makes it worth it. I may not know something today, neither do I know what tomorrow will bring. I love my church, and the people I've got to meet through it. Leading a bible study is a huge task, and one can't pray enough for strength and courage.

I do have a cold now, and W is around, I really just hope we can figure out what we want from each other, and where we should be heading in the months to come. I really do respect this guy.

It's Easter. Yay. I'm off work for 6 days, trying to get all the rest I can. This is one of those times you get to remind yourself, how good you have things. I called up family, wishing them the best for now and ever. Got to speak with my dad, who brought up the topic of my writing, I wonder what spurred him to inquire. I love to write, I love fiction, but in the past years, I haven't done it as seriously as I'd like, as seriously as I took it in secondary school, where my books got stolen. I think this is something to really put into action. I was thinking about developing a site with someone on writing, given my new knowledge of coding in wordpress, I may have to give it a go myself.
Hmm, exciting times.

Do have a brilliant time this Easter break, and we shall talk soon. See! a pic for you.

Yours, E.