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Thursday, May 23, 2013

On Abortion

Life is not black and white. People make mistakes. We choose bad paths sometimes. Hope comes when we admit where we have done wrong but like Don Colacho says which I strongly agree with...
 "Modern stupidities are more irritating than ancient stupidities because their proselytes seek to justify them in the name of reason."
 "The arguments with which we justify our conduct are often dumber than our actual conduct."
The argument of pro-abortion on the status of the child in the stomach is totally absurd. For a person to say that the child growing in their womb is not a human being is one of the most stupid things my brain has ever encountered. So far history has told us of how people are usually dehumanized (Cross-Atlantic Slave Trade, Holocaust e.t.c) so that a mass for people can justify treating human beings anyhow or killing them without remorse and yet this seems to have come full circle again. These are sad times for the people of earth.

"If abortion means anything, it is that human life is of great significance. You merely acknowledge "potential life."

A question I ask myself is why people fall into such situations, there are many understandable scenarios but where a woman has access to the coil, contraceptives, govt support e.t.c where is the excuse? I may have an abortion tomorrow because I don't know what tomorrow brings, but heaven knows, I would  have lost a part of me.

"If women call kill their unborn children with no remorse, who is safe?"

On Sex

I feel very privileged to be able to have a lot of time to think about certain issues and form my own life path from them. they are not static views, sometimes they change.

My thoughts on sex have changed quite a bit however there are some elements that do not change. So I was having a chat with someone and the person goes. "I don't do no sex until marriage, who does that in 2013" my first thoughts were it hasn't been more necessary than now to not have sex untill marriage. My aunt works in the HIV/AIDs unit of a London Hospital, and it moves her to tears daily. Still, I digress. I told the person 'Me' 'I do that in 2013' and of course the sneer of 'Clap for yourself' 'You should be a pastor' came out as expected. Then I gave my viewpoints on the matter.

I think sex is absolutely serious, it is important, something that can create LIFE??? c'mon, let's think about it a minute. I have no doubt that sex can be amazing, but that is the thing about life, the thing capable of giving the most pleasure is capable to giving the most pain as well. Sex is not to be played with. I think sex is underrated in the way it can completely change/disrupt a person's life and also it's ability to bond people STRONGLY especially if the perceived outcome was 'Good' or 'Great' sex. I was specifically thinking of my male friends, though married who admitted that their best sex partners were not the women they were married to and if they were to met those other women privately, they can't promise that they wouldn't have sex with them again. Sex can also make you hate a person or yourself deeply especially if it's been a 'bad/terrible' experience.

Again, as someone who is particularly strong-willed, I have tried to consider these things in my own life. I have made some sexual mistakes as well but the real problem of sex is not sex itself but the monster that it can grow into when people refuse to think about their actions. Sex is then overrated and becomes a god because people come to a point where they MUST get it.

Not having sex doesn't kill, doesn't make one less attractive, less intelligent, less whatever it is that is important to their identity. In fact it is likely to rob one of these things when it goes wrong.

So far for me, there is no tangible benefit to having sex except it being a love/bonding exercise with the guy I am committed to loving and respecting. And when a new life is created what's better than having a life come into a world with two loving parents?

We are in this life of course. Mistakes happen, hearts are broken. We don't want to look back at the pain we've been through. Reality.

However it is far far better to aspire to the best than to mistakes.

The Point of No Return.

If someone told me I would have boy drama in my life, I would have just laughed at their face. This year alone, I've had three which is a major WTH for me. Once upon a time I blogged about a certain Magician here and here   We had a bit of history, bla bla...
Well, the magician is getting married. It's funny how the same thing I was trying to avoid from doing to someone happened to me. Once upon a time I saw my sister's friend's (VERY close friend) photo on his phone. To say I was surprised is an understatement, but of course statements like "It's a small world" and "She was chasing me" is what I got to hear. Anyways matter dropped.
Somehow I get to hear that Magician is getting married and to whom? A girl that I was in the same class with for 5 years of Uni and we all knew each other before they even started dating. He said it all started casual between them and then escalated. Ok.

I think I may be reacting to the whole thing badly, but I honestly at this point do not want to hear nada about their life. I'm finally accepting that we were never really friends none of us. *sigh* That's the hard part to take, I guess. I was a bit of a friend to the girl, not friend friend but friend enough to chat here and there, have pictures taken together bla bla. I told him though, I really wish it was someone else. 

He admitted to have been holding out for a bit...but I am a strong believer in people taking responsibility for their actions, there is no one to blame. I told him, that we weren't meant to be and that we had reached the point of no return, and for me now, there's no need to pretend that there was any form of friendship. Magician wanted to be married and he has gotten what he wanted. I really do wish 'em the best.