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Sunday, February 9, 2014

True Story: The Soap Opera (II)

I was going to write a long story continuing from part one of this saga True Story: The Soap Opera (I) but so much has changed in me, which I can only thank God for. (if you have specific questions, ask away)

A Summary 

 S and M got married in November last year and just before the wedding, I sent an email to M we hadn't been in touch since April of the year. I wanted to just let it all go from my head. I hoped that M was marrying S for better reasons than being 'available' and even if so, hope that it grows into something better than that. 

I thought I was leaving it all behind in 2013, but this year M starts to endorse me on Linkedin, trying to call me, which I ignored. S eventually sent me an email last month, which I decided not to read, I forwarded the email to a friend who I thought would have an objective view on things, and she told me I made a good decision not to read the email. I don't need to rehash any events, what is done is done. I have forgiven and I hope they forgive, because starting a marriage with guilt and insecurity is certainly a terrible burden to bear.

Lessons Learnt and Moving on.

I had to examine myself to understand what really went wrong. Above all, I know that I can trust God that whatever happened,( happens) is for our own good and I see that clearly.

1. I've been saved from having a relationship with someone who wanted to eat as many cakes as possible while having it.

2. I've had to repent from attitudes like A. People regretting if they let me go B. Feeling resentful when people get married C. People from different spheres of my life knowing each other etc

3. I've had to learn to speak up where there are wrongs, or I feel wrongs happening. I shouldn't wait for people to change, they most likely wouldn't. Don't cover up wrongs or make an excuse for them.

4. I've learned to love 'enemies' my hard feelings are fading away faster than I can imagine. Will I become friends with them? I don't think so, S and M have terrible track records, and I'm very picky with friendships. You can still love without being friends. 

5. There's so much to look forward to, no need to keep looking back

6. I learned to trust God much more, and the joy of knowing what the most important relationship in my life is. I thank God so much for the knowledge of Christ.

Cheers to living on the edge with Christ keeping us through and through!!


lawwyy said...

Great new post :D

jemimahnaa said...

Happy to read dis. Inner peace is truly key. You dodged a bullet sis as i found out M was into another 'cake'. I wish dem all the best. God will always keep what will be of no good to us away from us no matter how bad we want it. We just have to trust him that his word is true and our tomorrow is taken care of.

lawwyy said...

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