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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why You Must Have a Healthy Lifestyle

Well, you musn't. This is exactly what I feel when people ask me why they had to eat 'healthy' Nothing is a must. Make your choice, if it is too much for you, leave it alone. We will all die anyway? huh. There's no need to shelf responsibility unto another. Man is such a paradox, He doesn't want to die, but 90% of the things he does, guarantees, a death sooner than later. We try to avoid death in numerous ways, but when it comes to actually living a healthy way, especially in the area of what we eat, people want to have their cake and eat it, They want to live but want to eat a grossly unbalanced diet. They want to live long, to be smart, to be able to control their emotions, but will never give up their constant cup of coffee. 'Why must I??' No you mustn't, you mustn't do anything.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Always With Me

Lately, I haven't been remembering the dreams I have. I think it's because of how late I sleep and the effects of light coming up, when I'm not too deep in sleep. But early this morning, Psalm 9 kept resonating through my brain. I held on it. I just felt like, I have forgotten all I dreamed about, but I wasnt going to let this one go, Psalm 9.

....The LORD reigns forever; he has established his throne for judgment. He rules the world in righteousness and judges the peoples with equity. The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know your name trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you...

When I managed to get out of bed, I opened a bible and read the chapter. The words, were like a kind reassurance that the one who I've found peace in, won't ever leave me. I have pressure coming from a number of quarters, but what else can be my tourniquet, my buffer, my escape?. Before I even read the chapter. A particular song from Third Day, one I couldn't stop listening to back in the days, came up in my mind and I began to sing, of course I remembered the words, it goes something like this.

I've heard all the stories, I've seen all the signs, Witnessed all the glory, Tasted all that's fine
Nothing compares to the greatness of knowing You, LordNothing compares to the greatness of knowing You, Lord
I see all the people, Wasting all their time, Building up their riches, For a life that's fine, I find myself just living for today, 'Cause I don't know what, Tomorrow's gonna bring.. So no matter if I rise or fall, I'll never be alone, oh no'' 
Those words that were spoken and written by the apostle Paul, apply just as much to our lives today as they did 2,000 years ago when he wrote them. That in our lives no matter where we could go, or who we could meet or what we could see or what we could earn or be given to us or accomplish, there is nothing in our lives, that will ever even come close to the greatness of knowing Jesus Christ our Lord." - Mac Powell, Third Day

Friday, February 18, 2011

Links of the Day

I haven't used my own computer for the past week, so all my bookmarks and the sites I frequent, I haven't been able to get updates. Still I managed to get through a number of nice reads on the interwebs, enjoy.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Simple Girl

An uncle, once said to me, ''I've never seen anyone as simple as you, if someone takes something from you, you will just get another one''. I laughed and said people just need to let go. I wasn't always 'simple' I had to learn and I'm still learning. And in my learning, I found a peace that is beyond my understanding. Thats where I find succour, its sustaining and everlasting. I have let go..the world is depressing enough, we all need an escape, death or something else. I have found my escape which makes living simple for me, not perfect, just simple. 
P.S: I still want to live on a

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dreamers of Day

I am a Designer and I dream.

“All men dream; but not equally.
Those who dream by night in the dusty
recesses of their minds
Awake to find that it was vanity;
But the dreamers of day are dangerous men.
That they may act their dreams with open
eyes to make it possible.”
T. E. Lawrence (aka Lawrence of Arabia)

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I love these guys, their lyrics are so on point. I'm actually angry at myself for ignoring most of their records because I'd been hooked on only a couple of their songs. I'm glad I finally did, what a blessing!  I've had them on heavy rotation for the past two days. I also love their new album and I hope to hear them live one day.

Friday, February 11, 2011

When the Pharaoh Fell...

We had been following the uprising in Egypt for the past four days, because of the climax it had been heading to. Yesterday, we waited earnestly for the President's speech. It was, disappointing and while I'm not Egyptian, I felt hurt, and I heard some of those at the square say, they were ready to die for freedom. I honestly didn't want their suffering, sweat and blood to be in vain while I thought to myself, I couldn't even do that. I don't believe there's any true physical freedom except death but in the vein of what was happening, I thought, It's only a conviction that could make this people spend over two weeks without wavering for this cause. You don't see courage like this everyday.

Early this morning, I had a dream, that Mubarak was with a friend, in a place nice and sunny, playing golf, actually happy he was no longer president, I tweeted it. I also turned on the TV later and the news from the day before hadn't changed, the people at the square hadn't either. But then! some hours after, I just strolled into the sitting room, and even with my poor eyesight, I read on the telly, BREAKING NEWS: PRESIDENT STEPS DOWN, I screamed and my aunt nearly gave up the ghost. She was stunned, and asked why I screamed like that. I just laughed and gave a little victory jig. You'd have thought I was 'Egyptian'.

I can't describe the way I feel, I am ecstatic, I am overjoyed. I think this is a big step. and the day couldn't be any more profound, given that it's also the 21st anniversary of Mandela's freedom from prison. What saddens me though is the prevailing issues in Egypt, Racism for one and the Muslim/Christian divide. I hope that this demonstration will finally unite the country for good. I hope that they would see that we are all ONE peoples and that there is indeed Unity in diversity. I hope that on a larger scale, people will realize this also. I hope that people would once again look to Egypt as a source of life, new life flowing in our veins, giving us the strength to go out there and actualize change. I hope that the Nigeria mass will finally wake up.

A New Day, A New Life, I am glad.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Black Women, Racism and Vogue Italia

I never knew I was black until I left the shores of Nigeria. I had been called 'yellow pawpaw' all my life, and I always thought my oldest sister was 'yellower' than I was. Even with this, there were no statistics in Nigeria, that played out like 50% Yellow, 20% Charcoal 30% Mixed-Colour. When I watched things on TV, and knew there was such a  thing as racism, read books about the slavery and all, it still never really dawned on me, what it really involved. Going on holidays, is not quite the same as living in another country. 
When I consequently got immersed in a foreign culture, I became just another statistic in their collective eyes. We are all statistics really. 50% White, 30% Black 40% Asian 10% Mixed-Race.  I always was against the notion of 'Race' and that to accept Race was to accept Racism. Yes, there's no 'Race' but Racism is not about genetic make-up. I began to see Race as it really plays out in such a place, and in the world at large.

One of my main concerns in this post is about the representation of  Black Women in the media. As I became more aware, I realized I didn't like it. Women in general you may say, But Black women for me, because its what I identify with, also because of the gross imbalance in representation. Black women, are mostly either shown to be highly sexualized, music video girls for example, who only make use of their bodies, no brains. Or the musicians..which the same can be said about them really.  A gross imbalance, where are the Black Women who are doing things which benefit themselves and society at large? I honestly don't see that at the forefront of my media sources. I am a designer (UX) where are the Black Women in design and technology? I see Zero.

I watched DBanj's new video, I could only shake my head. There is nothing new but the old formula of heavily clothed men and naked women. Why is this still so appealing? I cannot understand. The recycled image that man will only have power through money, women, power through her body. It's really hard to take in. The worst part is that many 'Black' women saw nothing wrong, infact they were extremely pleased with this sort of representation.

Another concern is the Vogue italia spread which people are raving about. I remember a question  that came up on my twitter timeline once, about racism in the Fashion Industry. I replied that it was a sure thing, it is still largely prevalent. If there's anything that shows the present racism in the fashion industry, it is that Vogue Italia spread. You ask how? One of the best definitions of Racism I have ever come across, is by Michael Eric Dyson, you can watch the video here 

Racism is the ability to impose your viewpoints, biased as they are, as normative, and then have the power to reinforce them as necessary and primarily exclusive.

Racism is about power. It is not a simple matter of preference or bias. The big wigs of the Fashion Industry have power to control what happens within. So far, 'White' has been the model, and it hasn't changed. We see a sprinkle of 'Black' women, but really they are taken to be a 'token' which helps to appease those that may once in a while say, 'No Black Face there!' They are also taken to be a 'Trend' How can a whole group of people be relegated to the back page spread of an All-white Magazine, and you find nothing wrong with it. I like this take on it  here

I won't even talk about the cigarettes, and the styling of the photos, these deserve  a separate post. For us to move from this tokenism and trendism, Black Models (Those of 'colour') in this case have to be seen as normal, and they should be featured as frequently as others, there are more Black and Asian people on this planet for fairness sakes

I would really love to see a representation of Black Women on my media sources that I can relate to. I want to see them as part of the fabric of this world not. an occasional subject. I would really like Black Women themselves to deliberately refuse to accept the rubbish we are being fed. We also need to create content, if people won't give us a voice, We need to become our own Voice.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Grinding my Gears

A lot of things grind my gears, I'm only human. So much that goes on in world, especially things that you can do zero about. As for non-harmful things, people who chew their food like goats, and people who chew and pop gum noisily are at the top of the list. My brain goes into red alert. It's hard being sat at a restaurant and having to hear all that indiscriminate chewing *shudders* 

I replied a topic centered around this on a forum and someone recommended a video for me to watch, because I had commented 'I could shoot' The video is from the movie Chicago, 'Cell Block Tango', hilarious, you can watch it Here

I remember one day when my gears were almost crushed by the indiscriminate chewing of gum. I was on a train and alas I had forgotten my earphones, my last option was to get off at the next stop, I just couldn't endure. After giving the dude a death stare,(because it was either that or my hand around his neck) I jumped off the train. My sister was bewildered.

I planned that we'd just get off and get into another compartment. While I got on, my sister was left behind! *Panic* No phone signals underground! I hoped that she caught my 'will get off at the next station'' So at the next station I got off the train, and waited for the next one. Thankfully I saw my sister on it waving, I got on and there was no crazy being to drive me Insane!*Wheew* :D

And many more It's only recently I realized how much responsibility lies on my shoulders when it comes to reacting to the situation. So far I've managed to stay in line and I hope to continue ^_^

Links of the Day

I've been around, and there's lots happening on the internet, it excites me!

First of, is a cartoon for kids I'm getting involved with, It's at Bino and Fino I will be putting a full post up soon.
I am currently reading History of Humanity by Muḥammad Adnān Bakhīt

Do you want to learn to code? This is for you, even I need to brush up on my skills.

This is such a funny Ad, LOL!

This picture is so Sweet ^_^ gotten from the this blog which celebrates 'Black Love', it sends my heart to pieces everytime

Interview With Valerie June! I so like her!

Stumbled upon this, Say Grace before Drowning 

Do you know who Cecilia Payne is? You should  

Free stock photos, design freebies, free blog images, templates, web stuff, and more. Enjoy
Lastly (for now) Two videos that touched me today Shadeism and Distant Relatives' Patience

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Actual ME

No secret that I like personality profiling. Mostly because I can't articulate properly what I know about myself. I replied a tweet of someone I follow and then another reply, included a link for the site I'd never seen it before, so i immediately took the test. Lo and behold. It was 90% accurate. I just like these things ^_^

This is the result of my test on the site. It helps to express the way I think and communicate. My thoughts in green

Communication Style

The Visionary
You're the ultimate universal, holistic thinker! Yes, you're a visionary. Everything, including the smallest detail, needs to be synthesized into a framework that answers the question, "How?" Before you begin any project or task, you need to see the big picture. Not one step can be taken until you know how that one step fits into the whole. <<100% Accurate>>

Options and More Options!

Ideas and options are what you're always creating. "Process" is your middle name. Once something seems concrete, structured and complete, you have a way of coming up with a creative option that changes the whole thing and leads to a better building process.
Change, particularly in ideas, is never-ending for you. What you're enthusiastic about today may not be the focus of your energy in a week, a month or year. People that know you see a dynamic stream of consciousness which, given the right amount of time and people support, allows you to develop idealistic and artistic themes into living and creative realities. It makes no difference whether they are software programs, pieces of art, strategies for corporations or new, holistic developments for organic gardening. <<100% Accurate>>

Time is on Your Side

There is no timeline or deadline for your accomplishments. They are never-ending because you will go back and transform them if they evolve into a different whole within you. That is why in school or at work you procrastinate until the last moment to finish a paper, an assignment or a project *So true LOL!*. If you do the work early, at the time it's due, you'll have to go back and change it completely because you see it in a different contextual whole. So, why redo it?
A futurist or a soothsayer! That is how some people describe you. You're always thinking about the future; you have an uncanny way of predicting what will be happening. What you forecast is not always logical and makes many people uncomfortable. But, if they've known you long enough, they use the awareness to be better prepared for upcoming situations or events. <<50% accuracy, perhaps I need to be more sensitive to this>>

You Are your Own Person

For you, being your own person is most important! You're off just enough to stand apart from the masses. Your idiosyncratic ways of self-expression often entertain, amaze or offend people. This may make you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. However, it doesn't stop your unusual way of being. You realize it's just the price to pay for being your genuine self. <<100% Accurate>>

How You Communicate with Others

You're an excellent communicator with individuals and small groups of three, no more than four people. You listen attentively to what people say, how they say it and what feelings are generated. When you give feedback, it is usually very sensitive and leads to further communication <<100% True, I like small groups, because attention is concentrated>> You have an unusual awareness of what is happening to the person and others that are participating. It's almost like a sixth sense. Sometimes, people distance themselves from you because of this sensitivity and your feedback.*Kind*
On the other hand, when you enter a room with conversant people, you can sense the themes of the discussions and the feelings being emoted.*hmm, can't really say* First, you'll look for people you know to talk with.*Sure*. After a while, some new people will be drawn into a conversation that you're having and begin sharing their thoughts and feelings with you. Many times, these new people that are drawn to you have a need to express their unusual thoughts and feelings to you. In some way, you attract people who are different or are going through difficult, emotional times.<<60% Accurate>>

How You Think

Your thinking process is mostly intuitive and analogic. You use facts and logic to back up your intuitive thought processing. When you weave these processes together, you're constantly challenging logical and scientific thought. You seem to stretch the facts to create a new theory or develop a synthetic way of tying different theories together. This optional way of thinking energizes your thought processes while at the same time focuses your energy on the facts in specific, yet different ways.
Paradoxical thoughts attract you. While most people tend to avoid them, you seem curious and comfortable with them. That's because, once again, your need for creative and optional thinking doesn't have to be tied together with logic and factual data. You're attracted to the unknown more than the known. You're drawn to what's unusual about something rather than what is ordinary about it. If it's strange or way out there, you'll want to learn and read more about it.<<100% Accurate!!!>>
As a scientist or scholar, you have a bent towards the artistic side. What other people see as facts, you may see as shades of facts or possibilities of different facts. It's the development and creation of new ideas and ways of looking at something that excites you. That's because your world is the world of possibilities and visions.*Oh yeah!!*

Underneath the Complexities


“The mind can make a heaven out of hell or a hell out of heaven” - John Milton


I love whole parts, I love seeing the big picture. But no matter how complex the whole is, it can still be broken down into the basic bits. I went with my uncle visiting, and the host handed me the Inception DVD. I'd been wanting to watch the movie , but never actively pursued it. I was really delighted. So many people had spoken about it, and the whole dream within a dream thing, was appealing because I have experienced it. Anyway, I began to watch the movie, my mind immediately began to process patterns. I didn't get an understanding of the movie until when they began to plan the Inception. I realized the movie was about basic human struggles. Leonardo's character was the main point with his 'guilt'. 

For the first 15mins of the movie, I had the IQ of a flowerpot, afterwards at some point, I started to get bored. The continous talk and indiscriminate sleeping was beginning to get on my nerves,  nothing was really happening. Alll I was hearing was 'Consious, Sub-consious, Dream' Oh Brother!. Then the movie picked up speed, aah!. 

All in all, I thought it was a cross between James Bond and The Matrix, The characters themselves didn't really appeal much to me, except for the lead characters, Leonardo and Marion. The end of the movie was predictable but I guess that was the crux of the whole movie, 2.5hrs just to find out all Man wants to do is go home and that He can, if he confesses and repents. It also showed how powerful the mind is, so much that we need to guard it with ALL diligence.

The movie is summed up for me in this verse from the Bible; 
 ''Much dreaming and many words are meaningless. Therefore stand in awe of God''
Ecc 5:7  

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Tale of Choice

I went to a classical music concert at one of the museums. When I told my aunt, she asked what I would do when I get older, thinking I meant a pop concert at first, funny. The pieces included Tchaikovsky, Kreisler and Prokofiev, none of my favorites, but the Violin was heavy in the pieces, so that was good enough for me.

Once upon a time, I started learning how to play the Violin, but I got bogged down by school work (Engineering wasn't a piece of cake for me) Now that I look back with the courage to admit it, laziness and lack of focus I'd say, really made me stop. The lessons were not convienent but anything good or worthwhile is never about convenience.

I watched her on the violin and my heart was filled with pain and lessons. She played with such skill, my heart welled up with tears. I could feel the soul of the pieces.

We tend to explain or excuse away the treasures in us.  It's not easy, of course it's never meant to be 'easy'. Still, you can, we can. Anything you can do now, do it and do it well. It doesn't matter how small the steps are. The stories of the composers themselves are lessons to everyone. Start, you have to start somewhere

I enjoyed the whole piece and found my way out of the museum, on to the next thing, still filled with a bit of joy, a bit of melancholy, a bit of I CAN, no regrets, just the realisation of possibilities. What do I choose? I choose to live.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do I believe in Astrology?

I like Astrology because I could have written the Virgo profile below myself. I believe these things are just tools to understanding personality. OBVIOUSLY, it may not fall in line with yours, because, not all tools are for everyone. The issue with Astrology comes when you begin to TRUST IN it. The tendency for man to put the responsibility for his choice on someone or something else is VERY HIGH, so you see how a simple tool can be turned into a weapon of mass destruction. These things can only illuminate a pathway, but they can't build the pathway. IT is up to each and everyone of us to make the choice to live a certain way, to live the best way, to work on our weaknesses and use our strengths for good. Don't allow anybody's prediction stir your life, if the words are not comforting, no need to fret, you have the power of choice in your own hands. God's Words are the final on my life and anything that contradicts it, I do not accept.

Isaiah 8:19 -20
Someone may say to you, “Let’s ask the mediums and those who consult the spirits of the dead. With their whisperings and mutterings, they will tell us what to do.” But shouldn’t people ask God for guidance? Should the living seek guidance from the dead?
Look to God’s instructions and teachings! People who contradict his word are completely in the dark. They will go from one place to another, weary and hungry. And because they are hungry, they will rage and curse their king and their God. They will look up to heaven and down at the earth, but wherever they look, there will be trouble and anguish and dark despair. They will be thrown out into the darkness.

Virgo (All things in bold are on point)

Virgo born have medium height, attractive eyes, rather longish nose and a soft body. They are soft spoken, shy, laid back and practical. They are imaginative, sensitive and possess a keen intellect. They observe the minute things around them and nothing escapes their scrutiny. This coupled with their practical and orderly mind make them great researchers and scientists. They have a retentive memory and are studious by nature. There is a special attraction to music and poetry.

They like peace and quiet surroundings. Bars and discotheques are generally not on their social agenda. They are adaptable and can thrive even in adverse conditions. They tend to multitask and can take up several projects simultaneously. They love to travel and can become a successful tour operator and travel writer.

Virgo is a dual sign and so their aspirations and goals keep changing. They choose knowledge over money most times. They are frugal and do not spend needlessly.

Their stomach and digestion are sensitive and they know it ( I ignore it most times, nothing plagues me like stomach ailments ). Regular exercise and diet with a good amount of fiber works very well for them. Influence of Saturn on ascendant causes wind related issues and hyper acidity.

Venus owns the second house of money. Should Mercury and Venus become conjunct, Virgo born can become quite successful. Their chosen fields are teaching, writing, scientific research etc. They can also become successful traders.

Emerald is their birthstone and keeps their health and mental faculties at their peak. They benefit greatly from a diamond as well.

25th, 32nd, 35th, 36th, and 42nd years are lucky. 

Ayo - Lonely

A new Twitter friend directed me to this...

Protest to Praise

I love Downhere's Downhere album, it was a companion during Undergrad and I've 're-discovered' them, I recommend this definitely! My best song has got to be Protest to Praise, I don't know why but it speaks volumes to me. I couldn't have chosen this myself, all the songs are #gbam with lyrics on point.

Protest to Praise - Downhere

I knew the times would come and now the times have landed
With stinging abrasion As ready as I seem to be
It's never like I planned it, yeah

I'm wrestling my thoughts I'm overcome
Would you give me up I'm asking Lord
There's no where I sense Your presence here
So I will cry out, until I go

From Protest to praise
You're always amazing me
You're changing me slow, but surely
And You're gonna see me to the end

How long will I be forgotten by You forever
You're not making sense here
Seems like eternity has made a home between us, yeah

You're changing me slow
I just can't help but see it that way
Cuz You're gonna see me to the end