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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Simple Girl

An uncle, once said to me, ''I've never seen anyone as simple as you, if someone takes something from you, you will just get another one''. I laughed and said people just need to let go. I wasn't always 'simple' I had to learn and I'm still learning. And in my learning, I found a peace that is beyond my understanding. Thats where I find succour, its sustaining and everlasting. I have let go..the world is depressing enough, we all need an escape, death or something else. I have found my escape which makes living simple for me, not perfect, just simple. 
P.S: I still want to live on a


lawwyy said...

True, first thing I noticed bout u was ur simplicity. I like, I dig :)

jemimahnaa said...