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Thursday, February 25, 2010


I've had a full week, i'm happy to take a day off tomorrow. The week did start kinda nice, had some time out at Nando's with a new friend. but i woke up really shitty on wednesday, it was raining and i got to school late. I was supposed to present to the design class, which i did. it didnt go down as well as i wanted but i realized my skills are getting stronger, my heart didnt threaten to beat it out of my chest too, so yay! to that.

First of, i did have a nightmare after watching the wolfman on monday. In the dream My dad was suspicious, and it was just a horrible feeling, lots of other things happened, like a flood.Then the power in the house going off and on. Someone with an axe trying to break through a wooden panel to my room. All sorts of crazy! I woke up , slept back for an hour again , when i woke up at about 4am, i just couldnt manage to sleep again. i havent been so spooked in a looong time, i was watching my back and trying to listen for strange sounds as i made my way to the bathroom that morning while everyone was fast asleep, now i know i would be passing on such movies...''The goddam movies. They can ruin you. I'm not kidding''

I try, i swear i try, to maintain friendships, to get involved..but i don't believe in forcing things. I'm not a group person or a groupie. I just can't function properly within large groups and such especially wehn the majority don't ''really' interact with you. Theres no point forcing stuff, im letting go. I just can't 'roll' with folk of unlike minds.

Team Praline
So i really like my new team and i'm going to try to give it my best, we have agreed on quite a number of things, and seem to have a better understanding of things and how we can work together. This should really end up fantastic

This morning, i casually log into my facebook at about 11:45 am and realise that a friend, someone i knew back at CU died this morning, it threw me into shock...He was shot by armed robbers in Lagos on his way to work. I remembered when i had a gun pointed at my head, my laptop, phone was taken, but what stopped them from shooting??... I also remembered my friend who had been in the same situ and gotten away and the others who commute at early hours just to get to work early. R.I.P friend :(


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I took a test on facebook, EQ test, smarmy but kinda accurate for me though. I'm usually in control of things, my emotions and such. Istill am, but this rollercoaster feeling wont go away. Theres a rush of emo (good sometimes, bad other times. i dunno if its the chocolates i've been downing) Well, im ending the day on a high.
The day started with me, falling out of bed, unable to have a shower and struggling to meet the 9:10 deadline of getting to class. I hurriedly packed my lunch, and breakfast. Flew out the door, to catch the bus i targeted.
My day was pretty much mapped out in my bed and though it didnt take off the way i saw, i felt things must go on.
Business class, Project discussion, Job fair, ATM, Royal mail, African shop. All these went as planned and i was a happy camper. Well, got an unexpected call and close to 8pm i was on my way to the cinema.

Watched The Wolfman, which seemed like a run of Possessed Chewbacca. i dont know what to make of the movie, other than the fact i like the main trio. I have to admit though, im kinda terrified now, will be looking out for the full moon *shudder*.lol. but right now, im just content to be.

Music of the day was Seun Kuti, Mosquito song and Fela of course...Water e no get enemy (till fade)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunny day? NOT!

Woke up feeling really positive plus I was gonna be wearing my new dress out, yopee!!
 Got dressed and ready waiting for the 'ride' lol. Anyways after a bit of confusion and me standing outside in the cold for a while, i got to the church, nice ok. But before i left i saw my 'left hand side' neighbour for the first time i think, getting into his mercedes mm, i thought.only to get to church and find out at the end of the service that His fiancee was the lady i sat next to, she was chewing a bit of gum which did irritate me at some anyways, wish them all the best. But life does funny things sha.

While in church, i guess it was the same ol, stuff that I'd be lying if i said I was surprised about and its still so weird to see people give coins as 'offering'. I was the only one there for the first time, so i had a lil welcome Then my friend called, said i annoyed him cos i called him facebook police, tehehehe.Still on my case about getting a 'man', Coincidentally! this is the week where the church is praying for 'Singles' once again i wonder if being single is a life-threatening affair???

Managed to do a lil bit, felt lazy mostly and just slagged off, there was a bit of snow, and i felt very heavy couldn't go to watch Ponyo :(, i must catch up with it this week, plus the dentist and optician! Also caught up on the bits of Take me out i missed yesterday, can't believe its gone..aww. Well, off to school later today, i have bits of idea in my head for my new project im just glad. 


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ssssloooowww doooowwnn

A friend of mine on twitter posted up a link to a Chiddy Bang video. This was the first time i was hearing of them, but the video was funny. The name of the song is Kids/opposite of adults, which i really like. But the song that struck me most was 'Slow Down'. it kinda captured the way i really wanted/want to feel. i went to sleep with the song. A part of it says, 'life feels so much better when its slowed down' a huge breath of relief. The other Artistes i enjoyed today (apart from the usual suspects) were Rox, Florence and the Machine :)
My day was really chill, breakfast, jokes, music, didnt really talk to anyone today. chatted with my sis and some friends. Caught up with Telly programs, like Dancing on ice (i always dream *sigh* ), Take me sad to see it go, it kinda grew on me :'(. I did a Vinegar rinse on my hair, im preparing it for the long twists of next week, cant wait! i may just pop into the African salon to find out how much they make it..hmm.

I read a bit, took down notes, ideas and illustrations. Today i will try to make my ideas more tangible. That reminds me! one of the feedback i got on my first assessment was that my goals were not tangible enough, so i guess i have to do something about that one..

I dont know if i would still go see Ponyo today, but time will surely For now i have to get some shut eye, the church Vehicle is rolling about my side for 9am, i have to be sharp and ready by then! Night! ^_^

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I woke up yesterday feeling much better but with a lil headache (slept on the couch)! yeah those things haven't gone away but I understand they aren't life threatening. I did a bit of cleaning, cooking. I couldn't go to school. The job people called me and said to call back in two weeks time...ok! Spent most of my day 'chilling', called family. Got the clothes i'd ordered, yay! Took a walk out, visited a friend, bought pop corn and ice cream.

Read a bit of Tom Clancy an Tim Brown. I really believe in what i'm doing but its so hard when those around you do not.... oh well. talked with my sister who is about to grad sec school. she asks Medicine or Engineering, saying she's going where the money is. Is this what we really boil down to Moolah? Cheddar?

 Anyway, wont rack my brain much about that to cleanse, moisturize and sleep :)

Friday, February 19, 2010


I hate the way i feel, so much.
Everything went wrong yesterday except breathing in and Humans do

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Wednesday was one of those days I woke up feeling good about, I never particularly like wednesdays though. It was really foggy and the pains in my tummy had subsided, so I felt ready to roll.

Same ol, bus ride down to school, but this time a friendly man, a Ghanian didnt have to be, asked me the name of my hairstye when we got off at the same bus stop, i shook my head. He said 'you have to know, its lovely' i started to protest but then let it go with a nice 'thank you'. its ok, he said 'its true' he smiled and walked off. I smiled and went on my way! nice lift to the fog!

First Lecture was by Prof Cockton, His continuing lecture on 'Beyond the object' mentioning people like Bauhaus, Cesanne..talked about four sets of design choices. I have to admit after a lil bit i was more concerned about keeping warm and awake, seemed like the heating in the room had gone bust! There was much emphasis on value and worth mapping. I would read it all over again, its very interesting but didnt have much of an engaging deliverer.

Second lecture was on Conflict management, o how timely! we needed this lecture like last week! lol, it was particularly interesting. There is functional conflict, i didn't know that and yea there was some conflict in my last team and i hate to admit it was dysfunctional, morale of the team was lost and i wasnt happy at the end.
We also watched a clip from the movie, Platoon, and amidst the tears threatening to roll down my cheek, i wondered for the umpteenth time why people go to war. Johnny Depp was even in the movie, i'd like to watch the full thing but i fear torrents of tears. It was a worthwhile lecture.

It was the birthday of one of the nicest ladies on my course and i'm glad she was happy with what i got her ^__^

It was a good day.
PS: yay i can now eat my chocolates! my fridge is still full of em :D

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Miss Red

Dang, nothing worse than this to spoil a carefully planned day.>_<
Lazy, no appetite, Lazy, Tired.
My friends phone got stolen and its strange that I thought about keeping my phone
safe all day.

Glad i have good friends  :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I had a great day yesterday
Started off with a shitty letter my teammate sent to two of us..
He even copied the programme leader,

but the new project briefing, the chocolates, Awesome.
One of my best days EVER in school.
Got a great score and feedback on my portfolio :D

Bless! x

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Better update

I should blog everyday! even if it is just a line.....hmm, yes!!

Out of mind

Back here again, theres lots i want to say but as usual my mind is struggling to put it all out in words. My week started great, upbeat and positive, but as it got nearer the weekend, it all went bust!
I couldn't travel to Gloucester again no money :(. All the promises failed, (See why my trust in people is at an all time low). I couldn't get a party dress for the Valentine dinner on Friday, I then decided to cheer myself up with. I didn't go and sulked the Friday away. Saturday, had to end up at the library doing project work, i couldn't get my kinky braids..i decided to move it all to next week.
Procastination is quite deadly and as much as i try to stay in the now, unknowingly i file some things into this box and it costs me. My mind is constantly working out ow o organise myself and do things with minimum stress while try to make sure i remember all those that matter in my life, hard feat...

As to my PDP, i got my assessment feedback on wednesday and i probably had the lowest score in the class even though i got a Merit, but its a Pass/Fail so all well and good. It also made me see the many flaws in out educational system back in Nigeria, i kinda wished i had come here earlier. Lots of things that matter are usually pushed aside in our system.

Anyways, Getting into the new, throwing away the old, breathing and breathing out, thankful for Family and friends around me! its all good :D

Friday, February 12, 2010

Feeling Airy

My hair o my hair, This is the length after a year. Gosh, why isnt it growing fast enough!! ok ok, yeah due to some fault of mine, i seem never to leave it alone. Touching, playing, twisting cos i so so love my hair. I do hope i achieve lots of length this year and i will probably add it to my

Anyway, i had to give it a treat yesterday, washed it with shikakai again. Thankfully! i did it right this time around and didnt have the powder get into my eyes..ooh no, not when i have a valentine dinner to attend later today.Then doused it with olive oil and put it in braids. i really really hope all the dandy ruff is gone, or i may just have to do a Vinegar rinse again >_<

Over the weekend, i want to get kinky weaves and do really long twists. Should be nice, if i get to do it. i will put pictures up and all.

Oh well, gotta move now and hit the bed! School at 9:30 tmrw. it better be worth it!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The truth about Maga

I am disturbed by this song 'Maga no need pay' before i even listen to it, the title puts me off. And no, i'm not dissing anyone who sang in it, or those who produced. Yes the Video is equally disturbing..

But the Truth about it, from the title tells me Maga no need pay...................yet, cos i have secured maybe..a fat contract. More pro 'don't put all your eggs in one basket' than anti-419.

Singing about things like this, how does it add to the solution? Yes, i am still trying to understand how it helps. Some people say the artistes were paid, some say not. Even if there was no monetary exchange, it sure promotes a couple of interests.

I just hope this 'sing-a-song-problem-would-go' things would end. One, i solves nothing, Two, it's not very good music one can just listen to = Annoying.

As long as the situation in Nigeria gets no better, its sad that Maga will still have to part with valuables. Maga go still need pay.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Choose me! Pick me! Love me!

we are victims

The Impossible Week

My past week was wikkid!! my room was a mess! i left early in the mornings, got back late, i felt like i was on a caffeine high, just jumping from one day to another, almost a blur.
Yeah we were given another project with a new team, i like my team members but they are usually arguing over one tiny issue and i have to break it off! i am the official peacemaker and

I have to say, things are going really really well in school, and i just realised that when you cut the weed in your life, your growth which was stunted will need spurt, and yeah i've grown so much these past days.

Over the week, i still tried to pay my sleep debts, i resolved to sleep before 12am, for most days it was easy beezie, others not so much. but im gonna take it on this week, i will sleep at 12 or before, fingers crossed..and that would be one negative habit out of the window :)

Theres so much work on my course now, i have no choice but to work harder, i am planning my time more effectively to enable me carry out the work in the best possible way, i wont let the disaster that was last semester affect me in any way. I should complete all my research this month and start paper work in march.

  Through the week i was involved in bits here and there, went for my cell meeting on tuesday as usual, it was fun, it usually is and i manage to snag my evenin gmeal there, hehehe. Had two presentations on design at school. The first one was just for my design module, and i have to say, im proud of went well. The seond one was at the school of design and it was to be presented to undergrads and also the new dean of the school. Even though i forgot some crucial lines, i made them laugh at the end of it and also we got really postive feedback and lady who wants to work with us on the project and carry it further, isn that great!.

Leisurely, i read some parts of a book 'Red Dragon' watched a lot of House (i love that man most times :D) i caught up on 'Take me out' my guilty pleasure and then American Idol. I also went for a night out with my two friends here at fawdon. It was a nice sleep in with a good movie and good food, i would definitely do that again in a heartbeat. It was a nice way to kick off the weekend which i had resolved to spend extremely laid back. When i got home i did the much needed cleaning to my room and laundry. Sunday was a breeze, mainly cooking and relaxing.

I can confidently say I'm ready to start the new week and it kicks off with my Brothers Birthday! yay! Happy Birthday to him, my one and only..all the best Bro (My second bro from another mother is also February-born)

Here's wishing me the best week! :D

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fiddling on the roof.

What is wrong in creating our own paths. What is tradition? I don't believe we should be tied down to what has been, especially if it has no relevance in today's world, why? because that's how it has been. This is one of the instances where i want to believe Susan Blackmore's meme theory. Memes passed down to us from generaion to generation. If there is anything that gives the Human an edge over other animals, its imitation. The attempt to break out of this mold, is usually met with ridicule.

I had a little discussion wit one of my housemates and she did confirm that yeah, our life is fraught with imitation. So, so-called traditions are just imitations of things done before. Nothing wrong in having a chill pill and moving on to something different.

But i do ask myself, where are we headed as a race, the Human Race. Apart from the biblical 'End of the world' theory, where are we going to? On one hand we claim to love our traditions, on the other we alienae people who want to start traditions, yes., traditions started somewhere!

Through all this, the only thing that gives me some breath of fresh air is the knowledge that we were all born with our own brains, Whatever we eventually do is up to us. So, the decision to either build, destroy or stay where you are lies in your hands. If i decide to build, please don't judge me. i will come down from the roof and have some dessert now, thank you.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Be good, Get good or Give up

Yup, that's how House philosophizes and I can't but agree with him. Now on to the matter of my PDP. Its a new month and a new week now, I should have done this recap earlier but yeah this is part and parcel of my withdrawal sysmptoms. I will get on with the PDP now and see what has been done, what should be done, successes and failure in the past week :)

Communicating Effectively
This past week, what can I say..Communication in my house has gone to the unrepairable. Especially that the police had to come communicate to some people. I still don't know how things got here. At school, things are getting way better, and I cant help but wonder if communication at home had to be broken for me to get more focused on school. Well, I do think there could have been a way around it. but I believe its for the best anyway. Will I give my self a fail for this, I think not. I tried my best this week and even though all things didnt turn out right, i attach a full PASS to this task.

Discarding Negative habits

Negative habits like any other, are hard to give up. I did really well, with my sleep habits but I still have debts to pay on sleep. I have decided to reduce my sleep cut-off point from 3am to 1am. I had to push it to 2am for today cause I had to turn this post in. PASS definitely.

Writing Better

I definitely tried to write better this week, but I havent read anything tangible... now I will FAIL myself on this, I have to read a book this week!

Working Harder

This is a work in progress and yes, PASS on this. The new project for this semester is one that is really interesting and last week, I was assigned specific tasks which i took up with ZEAL, I even managed to teach some course mates all the techie stuff, hehe. This week, I will do my best! ^_^

Ignoring Naysayers

I am positive that the effect of ignoring the naysayers the upper week, helped me last week, so yay! PASS!! lemme see who is going to say 'NAY' to me this week! :D

Get Involved!

My week started really busy that I forgot about Diversity week, when I remembered mid-week, I had already missed the particular conference I wanted to attend. I had an option to attend the Russian night-out, movie, dance and food. but I was so tired after attending some Design lectures, I just slept off. I wasnt happy I didnt participate at all But I did get involved with other facets. I went for a buffet lunch on saturday, met a couple of ladies, had a fun time eating and chatting away, plus it snowed that day, yay! but my fingers were almost gone, hehe. Sunday, after church went to my newest friends place (couple) with some other friends from church, We had lunch, I was so full i slept off while they watched My wife and Kids. when I woke up, the discussion turned to nollywood and then there was a game of scrabble. It was so much fun through and through, but then I had to go home #PASS :D

Show Creativity
I want to achieve this objective by illustrating everyday, by learning more about the Theories and Practice of design, also to write down my ideas, an idea everyday. I did illustrate this week, but it wasn't everyday and I also didn't write my ideas down. Even though I did learn more about Design..i give myself a FAIL on this and will work harder this week, to give myself a pass at the end.
Obviously I need a lot of work and I will not take the option of Giving up, in fact its not an option for me, I'm gonna Get good or die trying :)