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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Out of mind

Back here again, theres lots i want to say but as usual my mind is struggling to put it all out in words. My week started great, upbeat and positive, but as it got nearer the weekend, it all went bust!
I couldn't travel to Gloucester again no money :(. All the promises failed, (See why my trust in people is at an all time low). I couldn't get a party dress for the Valentine dinner on Friday, I then decided to cheer myself up with. I didn't go and sulked the Friday away. Saturday, had to end up at the library doing project work, i couldn't get my kinky braids..i decided to move it all to next week.
Procastination is quite deadly and as much as i try to stay in the now, unknowingly i file some things into this box and it costs me. My mind is constantly working out ow o organise myself and do things with minimum stress while try to make sure i remember all those that matter in my life, hard feat...

As to my PDP, i got my assessment feedback on wednesday and i probably had the lowest score in the class even though i got a Merit, but its a Pass/Fail so all well and good. It also made me see the many flaws in out educational system back in Nigeria, i kinda wished i had come here earlier. Lots of things that matter are usually pushed aside in our system.

Anyways, Getting into the new, throwing away the old, breathing and breathing out, thankful for Family and friends around me! its all good :D


jemimahnaa said...

desolee mon ami...ur out of mind feeling is being felt and understood miles heart..and remember there will be days like dis u just gotta be strong...we v too many flaws in naija education so where others do extra u gotta do extra x 3 2stand out and i believe u capable of doin point wishing 'cos u can't turn bk the hand of time...u cn only try to change the present and hope it will affect the future...