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Thursday, February 25, 2010


I've had a full week, i'm happy to take a day off tomorrow. The week did start kinda nice, had some time out at Nando's with a new friend. but i woke up really shitty on wednesday, it was raining and i got to school late. I was supposed to present to the design class, which i did. it didnt go down as well as i wanted but i realized my skills are getting stronger, my heart didnt threaten to beat it out of my chest too, so yay! to that.

First of, i did have a nightmare after watching the wolfman on monday. In the dream My dad was suspicious, and it was just a horrible feeling, lots of other things happened, like a flood.Then the power in the house going off and on. Someone with an axe trying to break through a wooden panel to my room. All sorts of crazy! I woke up , slept back for an hour again , when i woke up at about 4am, i just couldnt manage to sleep again. i havent been so spooked in a looong time, i was watching my back and trying to listen for strange sounds as i made my way to the bathroom that morning while everyone was fast asleep, now i know i would be passing on such movies...''The goddam movies. They can ruin you. I'm not kidding''

I try, i swear i try, to maintain friendships, to get involved..but i don't believe in forcing things. I'm not a group person or a groupie. I just can't function properly within large groups and such especially wehn the majority don't ''really' interact with you. Theres no point forcing stuff, im letting go. I just can't 'roll' with folk of unlike minds.

Team Praline
So i really like my new team and i'm going to try to give it my best, we have agreed on quite a number of things, and seem to have a better understanding of things and how we can work together. This should really end up fantastic

This morning, i casually log into my facebook at about 11:45 am and realise that a friend, someone i knew back at CU died this morning, it threw me into shock...He was shot by armed robbers in Lagos on his way to work. I remembered when i had a gun pointed at my head, my laptop, phone was taken, but what stopped them from shooting??... I also remembered my friend who had been in the same situ and gotten away and the others who commute at early hours just to get to work early. R.I.P friend :(



jemimahnaa said...

dint knw it was charles...thats so saaaaaaaaaaaaadddddd