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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trip Note: Barbados

I always find it incredulous when some people realize that I need a visa to go to some countries. Yes, I'm Nigerian we need visas to go almost everywhere! *sigh*
We, my friend and I initially wanted to go to a couple of European countries for the long public holiday that the UK was going to have in two weeks time. This was a semi-spontaneous decision and we realized we would not get our visas on time. I remembered haven seen a list sometime ago that Nigerians could actually travel to some places without a visa. I called up my friend and said, 'Let's go to Barbados! we don't need visas!'

The next thing was to look for flights and a hotel to stay while trying to get ourselves familiar with what the best area and things to do where on the Island. After much indecisiveness caused by me, an American friend of mine decided to join us! the more the merrier, I thought. We booked our flights which cost approximately £700 for a return. Virgin and BA have direct flights from London to the Barbadian airport, Bridgetwon International. We were going to spend 7days in the Bajan paradise.

I could hardly sleep before the day we had to travel, over excitement just dey worry me. I come almost miss my flight, but as God dey help pesin, I reach airport before plane comot ground. As the plane come land for Barbados, everybody scatter clap. I dey surprise gan, I bin dey think say na only for naija wey this kain thing dey happen. Anyway, I'm sure say na over-excitment dey worry all of us. As I comot the plane, sun come nearly blind me, I nefa see this kain sun since '09. I just begin to smile like pesin wey dem just buy christmas cloth for. 

As all of us come assemble, we take taxi wey get standard rate of 40 Bajan dollars, from BGI (airport) to our area wey them dey call Hastings. Omo the place resemble lagos no be small. but the people come fine well well. They just dey chillaxed, I already begin to dey like the place, I no fit stop to dey smile.

Our Apartment! Instead of hotel we book apartment hotel wey be self-catering but them get everything boku for the place. The apartment come get private pool join. Enjoyment galore come start! Beach dey for front, swimming pool dey for top! omo na, this is the life! But as hunger dey catch we go find food chop, we go the nearest supermarket. The money wey dem they use na Bajan Dollars, the exchange rate be B$2 to US $1, this one be standard rate, and them dey collect US dollars if you give them, but Pounds dem no too like to collect am, so if you hold pounds, you need to exchange am for their banks for there. dem get very good exchange rates, no exchange am for UK oh.

Everyday we find one major activity we go do.

1. We go explore the capital, wey be Bridgetown, we go see museum and things, people come just dey look pesin

3. We go learn how to surf

4. We go cruise for catamaran boat and we snorkel with turtles

5. We go enjoy some fish and lobster for St Lawrence Gap

6. We enjoy time for our apartment, swimming and cooking

7. We go explore shops, cinema and things

Lovely time we had, I can't wait to go back!