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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Living with Harry

I got to speak about my dogs this weekend, and it almost brought tears to my eyes. I miss having my wolf-dogs around for lots of reasons. Right now, I have to put up living with a cat, I wonder if my landlady will allow me get a dog in, the chances are slim. Also, who would take care of the dog?, I'm out of the house for the most part of the week, even though I try to keep my weekends to myself. 

Living with a cat is well..different. Harry is a black cat, which I found out recently is one of the most unlikable cats. I mean in Nigeria, I know their reasons, what with black cats being evil and witchcraft connected, but right here too, many seem not to want them.  Harry only purrs and pays you mind, when he is hungry. Harry is quite old, so he doesn't seem to do a lot of sneering. I have carried him once or twice without claws coming out or receiving the deadly cat spit. It really is a different mood with this animal. There is no warm receive from this cat, just green-eyed looks that make you want to shake it to its bones, and scream, 'say something will ya'!

I will try to see what I can do about getting a dog. In a little time of over 3months, Harry has taught me that I will never be a cat person.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I have an Infection

I have played this song no less than 500 times in a week. Even after I stop playing it, 'Gold Canary' 'Gold Canary' still keeps ringing in my brain, I do not know why.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Tell Me Like It Is

I am a stickler for honesty. Anyone who knows me, knows that. We have a few people we know who we can hold that label up for. It's even more difficult on the internet where it seems, we have free reign to invent the sort of life we think we ought to have or maybe what we want others to see.

Given this, it is always such a big thing, to run into someone who tells it like it is, how are you sure? you say. I don't know why, the book, Blink! talks much about this sorts of things, but..I ask you to take a look yourself.

I introduce you to Penelope Trunk. You will not like lots of the things she writes, I don't. I can't describe the way it's playing in my brain...but I appreciate this lady so much.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Are You a Stylist?

So, I'm thinking of having a blog to post ( or just posting here), stuff that I wear to work. One of the funniest things, I learnt this past week is that people see me in a veeery different light at work. One guy who had been stalking me (I'm serious!) said he thought I was a stylist, because I wear 'crazy' stuff to work. Let me tell you about where I work.

I work in an online games company. The male to female ratio is 20:1. Most people are on Jeans and Teeshirts (even the females) or smart trouser and smart shirts/smart dress. But I burst in there with all my colours and my uncoventional hair-do, and I'm branded, crazy, weird, pyscho....(in jest or reality, doesn't matter)
They don't even take it into consideration that while I'm not a Developer, part of my job is to make their lives easy *shakes head at their ignorance*

Anyways after having a good laugh over it, it was like an inception into my mind and I began to think, hmm..why not do this, at least when I have the time. I think it would be fun, and maybe I won't appear to be so crazy after all! lol.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Why You Need to Cook

So I was on this website and yet again, the article spoke about a guy who told a girl that she was single because she couldn't cook.
On the contrary I think I'm single because I can cook and I cook. I have no time for fancy dinners or movie dates, because I need to go home. I live 40mins away from work on the tube and no one is going to give me their food for lunch.

That said, not that I think cooking or non-cooking equates to one's single or doubleness, it is important for people to know how to cook. At least at the basic level, no one is saying to become a Gordon or Nigella. 

1. You don't know when you will really need the skill. 

2. It is way healthier, plus you will be able to track things easily when you fall ill. You really don't want to know what happen behind the doors in restaurants. Keep eating out at the minimum.

3. It saves money. I could spend my whole months grocery cost on a week of eating out, even less than a week.

4. It could be loads of fun, yes, this said from someone who doesn't like cooking. But I managed to 'invent' a nice dish, that I'd never seen anyone do and it was great, even my co-workers were like, hmm that smells good and looks real healthy. It was.

5. Therapeutic? yes sometimes, or times its just a rush and mess, but then you can go into it with a mindset to relax after work or on the weekends and whip something up. I find that most of my cooking doesn't take more than an hour, and that's fine by me.

6. If you get to cook for people, even better! isn't it great seeing people happy? and satisfied? I think it does help to bind people together. Like I've said before cooking is one way to show love ^_^. If couples are fighting, it's hard for them to cook for each other, except there's poison in it. lol.

This is not exhaustive...but yes, cook!

Rant about Proposals

I really don't get wedding proposals to be honest. and why does it have to be in public, most of the time???

Let's break it down a bit. Why do we need to have wedding proposals?
I figure;

1. The person proposing doesn't know what the other will say, this begs the question, why propose at all to someone you are unsure of and in public, thus risking humiliation from both the person and onlookers??

2. The person proposing knows what the answer is, this begs the question, why do all the acting and feigning of surprise, I mean seriously??

Just thinking...