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Friday, November 5, 2010

It's even in my cooking!

It is no secret that I do not like cooking, on any normal day. The whole process annoys me. You spend nothing less than 30mins to make food that will be consumed in less than 15mins, and some portions ending up in the trash bin. I've always told myself that cooking, for me, must transcend cooking to just satisfy hunger. If it is to satisfy hunger, Fast food is the BEST option, only grugdingly would I cook if I am DYING of hunger, and I have no money to buy fastfood.

It was only recently I began to see the similarities between my relationship with cooking and my relationship with God./nature of man. People think that its inherent for man to do good, If so? what is making us do bad? People think that it should be inherent for a Woman to like cooking and babies and all that jazz, but I don't like cooking and I know some people who do not like Therefore, Just like I strive to cook, people strive to do good, It really doesn't come natural. People would default like me, as I default to buying fastfood, they default to do things which would bring instant rewards. Take for instance the armed robber, for him it is easier to steal other peoples things to get things for himself, in other words, Doing bad does seem to have plenty rewards Palsm 73.

WHY would I cook at all?

Cooking, just like doing good (whatever you define good to be, like whether you like it or not, has rewards. Even though the reward is simply satisfing hunger or feeling good about yourself, there is something reasonable that comes out of it. It is likely not instant! and most times you only do it for other people (albeit grudgingly sometimes) but to a large extent, these other people become happy.

The Parallel: Why would we do good as Christians?

I love this man, I love and trust him very much with all my heart and soul, and I know he loves me back, not just because of what he says, but mostly because of what he has done, his actions. “A tiger does not proclaim its tigritude. It pounces.” - wole soyinka. I also know, through our interaction and relationship that he LOVES banga soup..As in, its not funny!.Anywhere He goes he must eat banga soup. Europe, Asia, Australasia, the Caribbean, America. He must find that soup and eat it! it is that bad!. And this Man now lives with me, we are committed (married), in love, its been great. This man LOVES this banga soup, and I don't like cooking. I will learn how to cook this soup for him, deliberately and with intent, because I know he LOVES it and it will make him happy. Obviously the first time I make it, It can't be perfect, and as I do it more often, because he Loves it, I would only get better. If someone else tells me to make the soup for them, I am 90% likely not to make it especially if there's nothing for me to gain. But given that its my Man's best soup, for him, it is 100% likely that I will make it. Ofcourse even if I don't cook this soup,, My man won't love me less, I guess it would just be disappointing to him..Imagine! lol.

Take a minute to think this through and see how this relates to the relationship with God, His love and how our response should be to him. You really can't claim to love or trust someone if you cannot do what they say or take actions towards the things they love, what an uncomfortable relationship that would be!
For now I'm off to cook some soup ;D


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