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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Nice Night

So We went to my Aunty's sons school concert he was going to be performing in the gospel choir. At first I was just like hmm haven't been out of the house in we say 'Make I just stretch leg small abi' But what I saw there threw me back.

These where some of the music played.

The senior orchestra performed March from Aida by Giuseppe Verdi and Clog dance by Ferdinand Harold
The big band jazz played Black Magic Woman by Carlos Santana
The Gospel choir did a number of Kirk Franklin songs, Nice!
The concert band played Putting on the Ritz by Irving Berlin, really great!
The wind band played Handel and the Big Band jazz did a really nice Way cool dude by Michael Sweeney

To wrap it all up, The Concert band played Pirates of the Caribbean..amazing finale!

I was BBMing my friend about the concert and we talked a bit about our time in secondary school. Because most of the performers on stage were just in grades 7 and 8. They played the violin, flutes, cello, guitar, piano, horns e.t.c very well! I remembered back in secondary school while we did 'Music' and learnt how to read a music sheet we never really saw it in action, the 'music club' only consisted of singing. While the Human voice is still the best instrument and it amazes me to no end. Playing one of these other instruments couldn't''t have hurt. In my first year of University I became friends with a girl who I learnt had her violin in school, so I asked her to teach..I started but sadly got bogged down with school work. I still ant to learn. Hopefully SOON! 

Personally If I do have children, I will encourage them to fall in love with these things. Music is such a potent tool in this world nothing is like it, amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed myself.