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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Are you a Black Women?

I don't believe in Race, but I believe in cultures, in memes, In conditioning and the likes. I believe in the inherent wickedness of man. I also believe that we all are from Africa. It is quite unfortunate the things that have happened, but it is up to those who will allow themselves think and re-write these stories to lead us on a new path.

Slavery has been a part of Humankind since time was born, it's in man's nature..the want to dominate, to be fearful of anything that seems bigger or better. Slavery of the kind which crossed oceans, has been the most talked about, but people forget that Slavery occured in every area of this world.

The problem with Slavery is not the work that is done, even sons can do that. The problem is that people are taught/conditioned to hate themselves, to deny/hate their own Identity and to see themselves ONLY in the terms of the Slavemaster. This is MENTAL SLAVERY. 

First you get a NEW NAME, everyone knows the power in Names, 'Black' 'coloured' 'Brown' 'stupid' 'Nigger' 'Lazy'and whatever they come up with . Then gradually everything you knew is ERASED! This form of slavery is the most powerful because you feel no pain! you would tell a mental slave they are slaves but they will never agree. You only go to a Doctor if you agree that you are unwell. If someone is beaten and forced to wear chains, they will resist. But how can you resist something you can't feel?? There is a popular 'saying' which comes to mind, ''If two people call you a horse, you may want to stop and think about it. If three people call you a horse you may want to start shopping for a saddle". You conform to what others (Because for some reason there is truth in numbers, *sigh ) have called you and to every characteristic of that thing.
But we have Brains, We can think, it all starts with the simple WHY? something that we are born with, we need to study kids..they always ask WHY and that is where learning begins. YOU can ask, WHY?? WHAT?  USE IT!
Back to the question  'Are you a Black women?'  I will excuse your 'blunder' because you don't seem to be a native English speaker but No, sweetie..I'm Not.
If you really need to describe me, a deep ochre tone is more suitable, and culturally I am Nigerian


eccentricyoruba said...

You'd expect mental slavery to be eliminated with the vast information readily available through the internet. Really just reading something will help break those shackles. As an African history geek I always get frustrated because most Africans know absolutely nothing about their own history and if that's not mental slavery, I don't know what is.

I did not identify as Black before leaving Nigeria. In England, I found solidarity with women from the Caribbean and other African countries. The only reason we gave for this solidarity was the colour of our skin, our blackness regardless of whether it was a social construct or not. While I do understand that most of what we hold as facts today are actually socially constructed, not only race but also gender, I realise that I can make use of some of these socially constructed words as I'm living in the world today. I recognise that if I had found solidarity with women of different cultures in the 4th century A.D, I will not have used 'Blackness' to define it at all.

I've never been asked if I'm a 'Black women' but I usually get asked which country I'm from and that's always easy XD

GamineGirlie said...

True! Its surprising! but I guess some people are comfortable living their day to day lives without letting these things they feel can't be changed 'disturb' them 'It's the way the world is jo' some say.
It seems easier not to question things, and thats what has led us into the current state of the world!

The person who asked If i was Black, was an internet person..Those who see me in person have assumed all sorts, Carribean (my tutors and randoms) kenyan (different Africans) but if i am asked, I would say the right thing. One thing has been certain, I am 'black' here.