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Monday, November 26, 2007


i am a reg at this website its a nigerian forum

ver very funny, i tell ya.

i happen to know the admins brother, hes actually in my class

i dont talk to him much ya know, very geeky guy like dat.

Anyways, i cnt begin to count how much or in how many ways this site has affected my life

i have met a couple of members

i am very very good friends with a couple

i happened to get a job through the site too

its a nice place

even though these days its been dry for a while

Anyways i will keep u posted on the happeings of this

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Who i Am

Nigerian by location
twentyone by age
christain by choice
sinner by default
saved by grace
muslim by ancestor
Edo by state
Uneme by heritage
Engineer by study
Artist by Nature

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Angel and Barty
No they didnt pose for this pic
it just happened!lol

i love dogs

i love dogs!!!


i so love dogs, in my house we have had only two

the first one wasnt allowed to stay in da house n it bit my dad

The second one

Angel, a Samoyed

came into our lives and we all fell in love

there are so many funny things that happened with this dog ooh


shes almost five years now

we sold her pups, but we have one with us now

cos the owners returned her cos shes partially blind

we call her Bartima-barty for

so cute


i really can't wait to graduate from my school

i feel the pressure of everything

i use the internet to get my mind off some things at tyms

dis whole school stuff sef, na by force

Anyhow sha
i know i have to sweat it out!

my project stuffs seem to be goin on fine

all i have to do is Trust God on everything

things must go on well

All the rules in my school , seem harsh

but i guess, i aint staying there for ever

i just have to wait/bear it all

yup yup yup!!!

A Girl's Journey Down The Aisle: What Happened Next

A Girl's Journey Down The Aisle: What Happened Next

please read this blog.lovely!



This is my first post!

I remember when i first entered Uni

filled with hope and promise

i can tell u after the first three weeks i began to doubt it heavily.

Thank God, im in 500 level now!

Studying a course i would never have signed up for

and its not even easy being in ******** University

sometimes i wonder if its even worth it!

Lots of stuff that happens to make u go crazzy!!

Anyways, i cnt say something positive hasnt bin deposited in me o

Next year, i will be graduating and it will be the best thing!

I hope i aint too dry!

lol. i love laffing

its one of the things that has kept me goin

n i will keep u posted on tha happenings in my school