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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Can I date an Atheist.

Yes, only an Atheist who is unsure of his beliefs, would be able to tolerate me, someone who not only believes God exists, but also believes in God. Maybe, we can't really call this person an Atheist, but many tend to wear the garment without really knowing what it means.

I was answering this question on my twitter timeline when someone decided to engage me in a debate. I had initially said that Atheists weren't as tolerant as spiritual people. I tried to put it mildly but the truth is Atheism DOES NOT tolerate 'God'. It's absurd to think it does, if it does then, it's no longer Atheism. In fact If I was Atheist, I'd be livid if someone thought otherwise.

What is Atheism? In a broad sense, it is the rejection of belief in the existence of deities. Simply put by Wikipedia, It hasn't been disputed, that's why it's the number one result I get when I type 'Atheism' in google.

This person went on to argue that he was operating under the premise that, An Atheist is simply one who believes in the absence of God. He felt i was painting Atheists with too broad a brush. How??
I tried to let him know, Atheism wasn't what he took it to be. Atheism is not about the absence of God. Atheism is a total denial of existence. 

Atheism is like a vacuum. Putting tolerance under Atheism is like saying a vacuum should have some fresh air. How can it? and still remain a vacuum? to tolerate any matter. It would no longer be a Vacuum. 

Why is Spirituality more tolerant?

A vacuum can exist in a place filled with matter, but nothing can exist in a vacuum.

So, really..Date an Atheist??

When it really comes down to it, dating a True Atheist would be really difficult, especially for the Atheist. But it is quite hard to date someone who believes you are 100% deluded for believing a god exists.