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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Visualize World Peace

There's nothing that seems much bigger to me, so far in this new year than the word 'Choice' I realize how much responsibility we have to take for the decisions we make. Somehow it seems easier to just put the blame on someone else or some inanimate object! look at Adam & Eve! It doesn't matter if its fiction or not, that it was written aeons ago and is still relevant today says a lot. 

I have learnt quite a bit when it comes to making choices this year, from physical, to emotional and career choices, so much has been packed into January.  I'm glad about where I am now, sitting at this moment, writing this post and drinking a cup of rooibos. My hair is gone, I look like a 13yr old boy. My career path is clearer, I have a mentor and I'm getting interviews! I do have a job but I'm waiting for logistics to! wow. I'm getting a clearer sense of self, even though my views are said to be extreme, of who I am, as God sees me, this surely defines my step and my identity. My emotions...I'm pretty emotional, i 'feel' (true INFJ). I'm glad that now, I know how much the responsibility lies on my shoulder. If I do get sad or angry, it's my choice to either continue in it or stop it, keep calm and carry on. No one can do the deed for me. So you see, the next time I'm standing in a line, I will be visualizing world peace.