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Friday, January 14, 2011

Morality is Volatile

I don't know if people think at all, or they just try to find the easy way out or perhaps they just echo the thoughts and words of others. Whatever they do, many don't seem to understand that morals cannot be the basis of a judgment where all parties are not in agreement. Just this week I've heard people talk about moral rights, moral justification and what not when it comes to the vote and governance of a country..

What is Morality? Your sense of right or wrong, perhaps just yourself or in a group. Still you cannot project this unto someone else, except you all agreed in the first place what right and wrong was. If there is no standard of right and wrong, my morals really do not matter to someone else.

There is a standard in this world, whether we like it or not, but because of darkened minds and hardened hearts, insensitive or over-sensitive consciences, Morality has become variable. This is the reason why countries have laws. Because to one man, killing is his hobby, and to another it's a sin. But to make this fair for everyone, the people of a community need to agree whether killing is wrong or right, So if someone is found doing the opposite they can then be judged according to the laws laid down.

This is also the reason why Christianity is not based on Morality (I don't know about others). Christianity is based on an understanding as shown by the bible, an understanding of the plan of God for this world, and the need for redemption. No matter what your morals are, when you trust in the work of Jesus, when you believe in what was wrought by God, you live by that code of conduct (goes for some others). Whatever your morals were before, you'd have to put them aside and live by faith according to what your Father pleases. 

The same goes for countries and communities, If you are born into a country with certain laws, you have to learn those laws put aside your morals, and live according to the laws of that land if not you will certainly be judged by the land if you go in the opposite direction. You can now see the futility of your morality.