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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy 'lloween

In the true spirit of the day, it's been nightmarish for me. The day started all wrong, I woke up SICK. The bad cold that refused to go away and some added symptoms. All my plans went through the window. It ended up with me, meeting the Housemate from hell...waiting for a bus in the biting cold of the Toon which was 20mins late!, I ended up incoveniencing someone. I also had to travel down south. The train was full and grossly disappointing, The only wise thing I did was to sit close to the bar, because the trolleys were off duty. It was like all the bus drivers I was to get in contact with today, were set up to spoil things for me. Almost home, I decide to take a bus which would bring me closer home because of the luggage I had, only to be standing there waiting to get on and the bus driver says, NO more, No more?!! Pissssed. I had to drag  my case through the mud and grass because I wouldn't wait in the cold 20mins for the next one, and theres no guarantee that that bus drivers head would be correct.

Home sweet home! I tell my aunt, my predicament, and she advises to take raw red onion, lemon and honey. apparently I was supposed to eat the onion like an apple. When my uncle came home, I was forced to eat the onion like that, It is the most horrible thing i've ever done...i also had to eat garlic and an apple after, I say this is the hottest thing ever! but thankfully, Here I am about to go to sleep, feeling way better! The spirit of Good has conquered evil!! Hopefully all the garlic I've eaten will repel any principality and power..

But I still gotta say, HAPPY 'LLOWEEN..(dressed up as a teletubby yesterday

People I like pt.2

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our House, The Hotel.

'You have to sleep in the other room' these were familiar words we grew up with. Most times, the 'other room'  was the living room. There was a hardly a time, where we lived in our house, as a nuclear family, alone. For as long as I can remember there were always people, relatives, helps, uncles, cousins..and so on, living with us.and the random..well not totally random stranger who my parents..usually one of them at a time, decided to help.

The First Hotel was a three bedroom 'government' apartment in V.I, which had two floors, a living room and a 'make-shift' lobby/childrens room on the top floor. For the period we lived here, I can't remember us being asked to sleep elsewhere but we had auntys and 'helps' with us. I still have pictures from my 1st year brtday which i vaguely remember.(Believe it or not! lol) Some vivid memories like when one of our mums younger sister. punished me for something I really can't remember. She asked me to drink about 10 bottles of water, the bottles were glass and had different colours. One of my chores then as a Nursery school student was to fill the bottles and put in the fridge. When I was asked to kneel and drink the water, I thought it was a piece of cake, But on the second bottle, my tummy had swollen, it was like I had kwashiokor. I begged for mercy.

The Second  Hotel, tucked away in an 'Estate' on the Mainland, what comes to mind is the Nigerian remix of the song 'Umbrella' It was a four bedroom flat with just a little living room, I remember spending some nights sprawled on the couch here. In the 3-year period we lived there, We had our Grandma who had one room solely to herself, she also took care of my little sister, My aunt was there too. A male relative ('Uncle') who constantly had some issues with my older sisters shared a room with my brother who was at Uni then and usually came every now and then. Life here was dogged by NEPA-less nights, mosquitos, Borehole issues and what not. It was a great time though my 'coming-of-age'

The Third Hotel, All the way in the capital city of Abuja. This was by far the most spacious house, and is basically GRAND compared to all the others. I honestly cannot even give a number of the people who have passed through this hotel. It was in this house, my sisters and I thought about it and said Honestly, this is *insert surname* Hotel. The house has Five bedrooms and a 'Boys-quarter' But i have spent a lot of time in the sitting room (Luckily there were two of them). There have been diffrent kinds of people here (The good, the bad, the witch, Beauty and the Ugly), but the only time I remember my mum complain was when she said of a relative who had spent about two years and was working 'Common toothpaste, he cannot even buy!' and she spoke of a female 'Who does she expect to wash her plates??' Other than that, Its been a free for all. as long as you weren't lazy, lying, stealing or being a 'principality'

As kids, to us it was just fun and games, As teenagers we didnt find it funny a lot of times. But as we began to grow older. Certain things began to click..Well for me, it did. I have had to spend time in other people's homes, over the course of my education. While we lived in Abuja, I was still at boarding school in Lagos. But during Mid-term breaks, There was no way I was going to Abuja for the three to four days it was, so I had to put up with Family-Friends and Relatives...I have experienced good and very bad times, but not as bad as my friend in the same plight who got molested by a relative who was even a Pastor...

Even right now, I have been staying with my 'Aunt' and 'Uncle' who are the nicest people ever, for the past one month. My Uncle once said 'Staying with people is probably one of the most difficult things to do' My friends have really bad narrations of their ordeals staying with people and it is just a sad cycle. It always pays to treat people with decency and dignity, respect others as Human beings. You don't know where you or yours would end up tomorrow. Treat people the way, you would like to be treated. These are some of the things I have learnt from these episodes of my life.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thou Shalt not Poor.

World Population --- 7,000,000,000
World Average Income --- $10,000
World Financial Need --- $70,000,000,000,000
World Millionaires --- 9,000,0000, 0.13% of population
World Billionaires --- 793, 0.00001% of population
World GDP --- $70,650,000,000,000
Per Individual$ --- 10,093
Per  Family (4) --- $40,371

BL: There is ENOUGH for everyone nobody really should be 'poor'. There is enough money in the world for us all ,only humans are greedy and we cannot blame God. Only blame would be that Man was given freedom and dominion over the earth.

From Estonia With Love...

I do not like to take part in activities, which leave no room for learning or food. Most things I do, I try to learn something from, even when I am sat there in my housecoat on the couch just listening to Carl Orff wafting from my Logitech surround system.
Yesterday, I had just opened my eyes to the bright lights of  the new day at about 12:30am when my friend handed me her phone to read the text inviting us to a Concert at an Apostolic church all the way in Spital Tongues, quite a distance from where we stayed. I told her, no problem! There's always free food at these churches after the service, It's worth it, Lets go there!

Fast Forward to about 5pm, we both scrambled for the bathroom, because we had to make the 6:56pm bus, If not, we would be real late for the service, and here there is no African Time. Thanks to the flats my friend wore, she ran down to the bus to stall the driver, while I managed rapid hops in my favourite brown ankle boots to the bus. Then I saw the bus move, oh no! Luckily it was the nice man driving, not the hard-nosed lady who frankly wouldn't give a 'damn' Even if I had blood gushing from my head, 6:56 was 6:56! 
While in the bus we encountered an 'Oyinbo' speaking proper Niger-Delta pidgin, I told my friend that the colour of the baby in buggy just in front of the woman would be the key to our questions but my friend proceeded to confront the woman, who told the person she was on the phone with 'I no know why this girl come shine her eyes o, she dey see oyinbo speak pidgin, Lawl lawl lawl' and yeap! the baby was 'brown' We were highly amused, got off the bus at our stop and walked down to the church amidst a throng of people walking animatedly towards St James Park for the big game! hopefully the Army would win, draw or not lose too badly I thought Afterall, one of the key player's father was the pastor of the church we were going to!

The service had already started! and we were only a few seconds late. Well we managed to find a seat before the joint 'Amen', Soon after, the choir was introduced and proceeded to sing various songs, they opened with a John 3:16 number which they sang both in Estonian and English, I absolutely loved it! In between songs some members gave testimonies which introduced the next song. A 15yr old, the youngest of the choir talked about having to read her bible in secret, because her parents were staunch Atheist, but an accident she was involved in where she lost her best friend, proved a turning point in her parents life, she spoke about the calm, God gave her after her many questions and everything. Another guy spoke about how on his 15th birthday, They waited for his dad to come home for the party, but he never came..because he had been killed in an Accident, caused by a 17yr old without even a drivers license. Somehow, God gave him strength and peace. It was all so touching and a big blessing to me. Sometimes we get so caught up in the minute things, but its necessary to step back and remind ourselves that God has a plan.

After the song ministration, the founder of the choir, a man who could only speak Estonian and father to about three children in the choir gave a summary of how life had been in Estonia and the way it is now. People had lived in fear because of the control the Soviet had over the country then. The complete oppression that was over all the peoples. He talked about how one day when the Russians sent tanks to destroy people who were singing and praising God and some parts of the country. The leaders who were Atheist had to get on the radio to tell everyone in the country to start praying, somehow, the tanks turned and went back to Russia! And then  Independence from the Soviet Union was pushed when 2 million people linked hands ttp:// they sang songs and prayed for the release of their countries. So much more was said, but the pastor who preached the word summarized it all beautifully.
One could be 'free' from oppression of physical things, Those countries free from Soviet rule, The UK, free from the seeming occupation of the Germans, Nigerians free from colonial rule, free from all sorts of forces. All these are wonderful, but as the Estonian Man said, When the country was free from Soviet rule, people began to worship another god, riches and wealth which still signifies Slavery. True freedom could only come in Jesus Christ 'Who the Son sets free is free indeed!'

It was such a wonderful time! There was so much love in the room, I was so glad we went. Honestly the Jollof Rice (watered down because of the Oyinbos) had nothing to do with it...err, maybe slightly...there were drinks, puff-puff and fruits. It was a nice closure to everything. When I learnt through my Twitter page that the Army had been beaten Four to Nil, I felt apprehensive, didn't want to go home in the midst of a billion angry fans. Thankfully, the heavens saw it fit to cry quite heavily for the Army which made the pastor drop my friend and I at our home!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When I Fall

.....I know where I'll be Landing.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Books that must be Read pt.1

There are two books, you must read before this year runs out, very influential, for me. I would write summaries when I have the time.These books are the thinking man's kind of books. If you don't want to think please don't bother picking them up, go to your local bookstore and search for Nora Roberts, or something like that

Mere Christianity by C.S.Lewis

Fela: This Bitch of a Life by Carlos Moore

Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Limbo!

So, I'm at the point where I am still officially a student but technically not. I am looking for proper jobs, which in turn will bring in proper cash. The only problem is that 9 to 5's hold nothing for me, I dread it. I am applying for jobs and treating myself to a holiday. While there's an offer, it's not yet in the bag so all I do at home now, is clean and cook where necessary. I decided to volunteer on Wednesdays at the church i recently started going to, so as to get out of the house once in a while. It's been nice so far meeting people from different nationalities, and lifestyles. I have also tried to get on with my projects but they haven't been easy. Everyday I try to build myself in one aspect or the other.

I usually don't have 'relationship' issues, but eeeh, the last few weeks have been 'icky'. My sister going back 'Home', opened another chapter in another book of my life, I met someone, with whom things aren't as they seem.I miss her though, Its a pity she didn't get to see as much as I'd have liked, but she'd be back soon.
Also, I got two new prescription frames, One a designer and the second Vintage! all thanks to my aunt *muah*.i feel so fly, ha!lol

Travelled up north, went for a wedding on Saturday, It was really nice, lovely couple, lovely location, great LIVE music, food that got better and better and the best chocolate cake I've ever eaten! of-course over a glass of champagne..tres classy. My kind of wedding!
Got to attend a concert by 'Midnight Crew' I wonder where they got their name from, but it sounds like something Aro Meta would call themselves. It's all well and good, the music was great, more so than I imagined.

I have learnt lots over the weeks, about Love, Life, Cooking, Food, Sleep, Prayer, Life's Troubles, The Essential things, Kindness, God e.t.c
It's a brand new week today, and hopefully I will continue in my bid, to develop things out of nothing, relax my mind over lots of issues. Call everyone that needs to be called (I tend to neglect people in this regard way too much, if you aren't online, there's a huge chance of not being in communication these days..bad, I know). See friends, See a movie, basically enjoy life as it comes, even though I am in Limbo! it could have been Hell you know :D

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Mrs Club! Pt.1

So my friends are convinced I have Marriage very strongly on my mind. Well as a female, the thought of being a Mrs doesnt venture too far from your mind, and as you grow 'younger' some unseen and seen forces, tend to drive you towards achieving the 'goal' and you have to make up your mind, For me? or Not for me?.

That being said, They claim it's all I have been tweeting about recently 'This older guy, I wanna get married, I don't wanna get married, I wanna marry an Alhaji, I wanna marry at 35'  'Marry Marry, Marry' in the words of one of them. It sure made me laugh but it's not all true ofcourse. Well at this point why shouldn't it be though. I have four guys who would marry me tomorrow, if i just made a call now and said OK. And why not...I don't give myself enough credit. because I am a complete wife material (A whole 5.6 inches of the stuff) like one of my friends I cook well enough, I love cleaning, I repair my own computer and electronic gadgets I bargain well, I don't spend money too much(I know how to save), I know what it means to Love, I have a Masters, I am smart, I have great genes e.t.c..So yeah why not??

Someone once said 'Any Idiot can get married' and that's the truth. I honestly believe it is not something everyone has to do, neither is it something that starts at the Church altar or the court room.

In the words of C.S Lewis 
'Love is a deep unity, maintained by the will and deliberately strengthened by habit; reinforced by (in Christian marriages) the grace which both partners ask, and receive, from God'

People have to be deliberate in their choice and its a matter of sticking with it (Will). It is definitely something you do with both eyes open.

In the words of Fela Kuti, 

'Marriage is a solidarity agreement entered into as individuals, in a quest for completeness. An intimate locus where social concerns and physical pleasure are fused.Not a divinely ordained and sealed package of Do's and Don'ts, it is about bonds forged around mutual feelings, a shared vision and the pooling together of resources to fulfill common objectives'

This is what people need to understand, I Once asked a question on twitter, If one can make marriage vows on the altar, why can't they make the same in their house? Does the number of people watching contribute to how far or how strong the commitment to each other is? 

Meanwhile, me, I am just chilling for the best man, worthy enough to make this life-long commitment to. If I find none, my life won't be less meaningful or unhappy. It is MY life and I would live it to the best I can.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Whip my Hair

It just makes me so happy..Now this is the Sesame street my kids can watch!

Sesame street - I Love my hair

Sesame Street + Whip my hair (I love to whip my

Whip my hair choreography

The Official Video

Monday, October 18, 2010

Your Love...

I love Seal and the whole album

The Lyrics are amazing, really goes straight to me heart.

SEAL - Loneliest star

Picture the sky that is how high I reach
But your love, is a chance I'd like to take
With each breath in me I wait
If it brings you back to me

Because I'm free and I'm young
I'm the loneliest star from the sun
But I feel that I'm close to the one
Who will stop me from coming undone

Cause I'm free
I have been close
I have been almost near (who do you really want to make it, who do you want to kill)
But city light
But nothing quite like here (who do you really want to be right here)

And your love, (your love) is a light that binds us both, (your love)
With each breath in me I hope
We won't throw it all away

Don't you know that I'm free and I'm young
I'm the loneliest star from the sun
And I feel that I'm close to the one
Who will stop me from coming undone

(With your love)
I know that I could be the best with,
(With your love)
I know that I can take a risk with
(With your love)
I could fly with your love
(With your love, with your love)
If anyone would try and mess with
(With your love)
you and I would be possessed with
(With your love)
I would die for you love
(With your love)

Don't you know that I'm free and I'm young
I'm the loneliest star from the sun
But I feel that I'm close to the one
Who will stop me from coming undone

Cause I'm free, don't you know I'm free
Cause I'm free, don't you know I'm free. 

So far alive none have been right for me

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rap iLike

Friday, October 15, 2010

'God Mode'

Her name was Manon Batiste. The game was Medal of Honor: Underground. One of the FPS games I really enjoyed playing back in the days. When my brother bought the game, I was excited because here was a playable female character that would actually be interesting! not like Tomb Raider where Lara Croft and co bore the living daylights out of me!
I still remember the first stages vividly where I had to use a petrol bomb and as we all (gamers) know, the first stages of a game are the easiest even though you are playing in 'Easy' mode. So when I got into the fourth, fifth stages of the game...I began to feel uneasy. There was a sound the character made when bullets hit her 'Vuup! Vuup!' In one of the stages, is a sniper that you have to be very patient to know where he is shooting from, if not, 'vuup vuup' and your character is dead. I played the stage a couple of times because I'm not a very patient person and it really really got to me. Next thing, I went online to the very reliable and got cheat codes YAY! i was gonna be INVINCIBLE a la GOD-MODE.  It didnt stop the game from being fun!! IMHO, lol, as some hardcore gamers would argue. I definitely didn't enjoy the idea of my character dying every second.

The memory of playing this game was triggered by the newest release of the series, which came out this month and has been highly controversial, it also got me thinking about life (as usual).We humans tend to create all sorts of fantasies, some form of escape, which tries to remove the harsh reality that we would all one day die. All the games we used to play from Mario where the charcaters all have extra-lives and chances to re-live to games like MOH where we have the option of Invinciblity elevating ourselves to a God-Like status. But we have to face reality at the end of the day, no matter what we do..we cannot live forever on earth. 

All the things we buy, all the stuff we acquire. There may be formulas for anti-aging..and what not, but i'm yet to see the formula that gives one invinciblity! Oooh the things I'd do, from jumping off buildings and airplanes to walking through fire and saving the world. We have created SuperHumans (Heroes as we call them) from Superman to Captain planet which mirror one of the Human desire. It only takes simple logic to work out that there has to be a plan for mankind, which is beyond what we see, this world isn't getting better, it's inevitable it will all end because it did start. ''All that is not eternal is eternally out of date.'' C.S Lewis

The desire for a 'God-Mode' quality only attests to the fact that there is a God somewhere who embodies this and much more. While we will never reach this 'mode' in this body. It is only reasonable that we live our lives in the best way possible, making the most out of each day. We have only the one..why live it as someone else's?
I'm really glad to see people finally waking up, embracing their OWN life and living. Death could come any time but haha in It's face! VICTORY because you LIVED!


Even I will get married because of she ^^^^^^^^^^^

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mind the Gap

If you live where I live and you use public transportation you will surely know this phrase 'Mind the Gap'. A reminder to stay away from danger. As I get older, Marriage and what not become more real to me and I would be lying if I said thoughts on it don't cross my mind every other day.

Just today a friend of mine told me he was extremely scared over marriage. And I told him it really wasn't a do or die affair. If you can't make the commitment forget about it (Mind the gap). Marriage causes divorce, especially when people don't even know what they are doing (they think they do ofcourse). The general belief of marriage is the commitment of both parties to each other. But it is one thing to believe and another to believe trust or rely on that commitment, and do all that should be done to keep the promise. He believes his parents made a mistake and surely doesn't want to get caught up in the same.

Marriage for any other reason catapults the union into a myriad of problems as life has shown us and we decide to stay blind. It's funny that the bible doesn't say much (if any) about kids when it comes to marriage perhaps cause marriage is the cleaving of two souls alone. But my friend says he wants to get married because of kids. Selfishness, I immediately think because a broken home is not just where parents are separated or divorced. A broken home is where there is no commitment or love between parents and when kids sense that, it's hardly a good outcome. I told my friend to stop complaining and to get ready for wahala if that is his purpose. He is setting the kids up already for future 'brokenness'
For any relationship to function at its best there must be commitment, love,  kindness. . . .no gaps.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The True size of Africa

I am amazed! The maps lie to us. Africa is SO big, this has blown me away.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


10 10 10 is the supernatural number of Supernatural Breakthrough, Contact me ASAP for your special Anointing, Remain Blessed.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Nigerian Dream

It was 1992, the first time in Abuja. We went to spend Summer Holidays with our Dad. My mum, sisters and I boarded Nigerian Airways and made the 50mins journey to the capital city. It was an amazing experience. My dad had gone out of his way to make this holiday special for us. He came to pick us from the airport and drove us straight to Agura Hotel. We were all amazed at how smooth the roads were, and how new the buildings seemed. This is like London, my sister quipped several times. At the hotel, we had a FEAST in every sense of the word, all manners of food and drink, I really couldn't love my dad more at that point. But alas due to my stomach sensitivity I was visiting the toilet in no time. If we go by first impressions, Abuja was a pretty awesome place to be.

When we got settled into the house my Dad had been living in at the OAU Quarters, a nice cosy three bedroom apartment, my sisters and I wasted no time exploring within and without. We spent the mornings watching our favorite Christian musical and the afternoons exploring the nearby hills. Abuja was indeed something the whole of Nigeria could aspire to be like. Back in Lagos where we live, NEPA was the main hindrance to our fun, but here we could watch our movies all day with no fear of the power being cut, and when it did, in a minute we could cheekily call NEPA and have the power restored in seconds. Bliss!!

Night-time was equally splendid. After our usual cups of Nescao, we would get on our cosy bed. The weather was usually cool that time of the year, so we would pretend we were 'Abroad'. Tell ourselves stories and sleep off when we were exhausted. One of such nights, I had the dream. I remember the shades of blue duvet I had. It always made it seem my dreams were bathed in a light blue glow.

Waking up, I glanced around, and stretched while I sat there on my bed. My room was large and I was alone. The sun streamed in through large glass windows which the whole house was covered with. This seemed like straight out of the Jetsons. I got off my bed and pressed a button, my night wear was taken off and dumped into the bin which sends dirty cloths to the laundry. My dressing gown came on. Food! I thought, I went to the panel and pressed a button. An array of breakfast came sliding towards me, as I lay back on my 'La-z-boy' type chair and proceeded to dig into the food. All in my mind was, This is the Life!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Breaking John 3:16

John 3:16 – The Essence

It's hard to imagine a world like ours, without a beginning, without an end, and without a creator, It would just be senseless and void. But I believe there is a story behind us all being here.

'God so Loved the world'  

God created the world designed it as lovingly as possible. In Genesis, it is written 'It was good'. He never stopped loving the world, even when Adam and Co disrupted their stay in the garden. This opened the world up to sin, and all became corrupt. People have since had to struggle with sins. The Israelites had to sacrifice goats and cows continuously just to say 'sorry', how tedious!
This can also be likened to the Israelites in Egypt, when God wanted to deliver them out of the hands of the Pharaoh, The Passover (Exodus 11-12). God telling a story of Love. 

'That He sent His only begotten son'  

God loved the world, but the world had done wrong, and since ‘wrong’ has consequences someone has to bear them. The world is basically in jail but there is an option for bail (because of Love). Someone has to come and pay the bail because a prisoner cannot bail him/herself out. For justice to be done,  the prisoner has to serve the complete punishment or someone else has to take the burden. In His love and mercy, Jesus was sent to ‘pay the bail’ and release the world from jail. The bail was the blood shed on the cross, which replaced the goats and cows which were not enough. ‘Without the shedding of blood, there cannot be forgiveness of sins’
Continuing the parallel story, God sent the Angel of death to deliver justice to the Israelites in Egypt out of his Love.

'that WHOSOEVER believes IN him'

People tend to confuse Believing in and Believing. Believing, is just acknowledging the Existence of something, while Believing IN, means to Trust in or Rely on something. And this phrase tells us, That EVERYONE (regardless of sex, age, gender, terminology, 'race', tribe, anything you can think of) who TRUSTS IN/ RELIES ON Jesus... Similarly Everyone who believes that Someone came to post bail for them. They just didn't believe that the person came to the police station/prison. But that the person actually posted bail, which could only mean one thing!! FREEDOM!

Basically, If someone posted bail for you, and you believe it, I doubt you will remain in Jail. You will run out screaming, shouting and thanking God. But anyone who doesn’t believe, even though bail has been posted, they will remain in Jail, because its incomprehensible to them.

In Egypt, The direction was if you believe the angel of Death was coming, regardless of whom you were (Israelite or Egyptian) and put the blood on your door (following the specific instructions), It will pass your house over. Israelites who didn't believe, had their homes visited, and damage done. It's as simple as that, amazing stuff. We also have our part to play in the process. We need to BELIEVE IN (Hearing and Doing).

'Will not Perish'

If you believe in/trust in/rely on Jesus, the wages (payment) of sin (death) is removed from over your head. Justice has been done, you are scot-free. Your slate as been wiped clean, you are released from jail! Nothing is held against you, no need to pay or (work) for anything, because someone has paid for you! Bless God.
The Israelites and Egyptians, who believed in the words of God, Their Sons DID NOT perish, what a blessing!

'But have everlasting life'

I am quite certain the opposite of Death is Life!! And to have it!. Not only were our debts paid, but we had our account credited to the maximum, which means we could never go back to jail, regardless of what we do in future. We were not only released from jail, but also adopted into the family of the one who posted bail, What grace!! We are basically 'Born Again'
Same in Egypt, all those who were spared, woke up the next day to hear wailing though out the land, and I'm sure they felt 'born again' from the darkness of the previous night because they’d been spared.

How marvellous the Essence of our Faith, as simple as it is, still incomprehensible by many who feel they have to 'work it' out

The Grace and Love of God, Psalm 100:5 can be translated in different ways, but its message stays the same God's mercy and love is 'Forever', His Loving-kindness is 'Everlasting' and to (not some) ALL! Generations. 

Peace! :)

The Essence

It was only until recently that it dawned on me, that someone could actually be a Christian without believing in Jesus. It is definitely a very misunderstood word. Where did it come from? The word "Christian" is found only three times in the Bible. All the instances of its occurrence are in the New Testament. The references at which one will find the words are: Acts 11:26; 26:28; 1 Peter 4:16. In Acts 11:26. The word 'Christian' comes from the Greek word "cristianos," as we would spell it in English. The ancient Greek word meant "a person belonging to, one who is the property of, or a slave of Christ." The disciples and all those who had chosen to 'follow' Jesus, were called this out of jest , In Acts 11, it says the Disciples were called Christian. They never went about calling themselves that but anyway it stuck. 

What people don't realise is, words are just words, terms are just terms. The true Essence is believing in/trusting in/relying on Jesus. John 3:16, is perhaps one of the most popular verses. 'For God so loved the world, that He sent His only begotten Son, that WHOSOEVER believes IN him, shall not perish but have everlasting life'. This completely captures THE ESSENCE. It didn't say, WHOSOEVER acts like him, shall not perish... for example...'Christian' 'Christ-Like'. So today, we see so many Christians (Valid), who sadly, do not really believe. They do good works..but don't know the essence.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


There are few people in this world that you can look into their eyes and see no guile... I love that word 'guile'. You look into their eyes and its all calm, not that there's no problem with the world or with them. There is just no guile.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

You Should Watch This pt.2

Get thee to a Theatre, whenever it opens near you.

Fela Kuti ~ Zombie

So much to say...

Yesterday I actually had the inspiration to blog about Nigeria. But today the passion is gone. There's too much one can say about Nigeria and where we are at, at 50yrs of Independence from the British Empire (as if). Anyways, I need to channel the little energy I have into something else. There are a couple of things that make me happy I was born into the entity known as Nigeria. But that would be a post for another day.

About my hair, I think i worship it too much these days, maybe that's why I'm being led to cut it all off (LOL!) I dyed it and...oh well my hair turned out quite red, one packet of dye is now obviously not enough for my thick hair (Lesson learnt) So I have the front of my hair, a coppery gold and the back, stark raven black. I want to love it, but i wanted something better!! this (LOL) >>

Men and their issues, So glad to be finally done (He's done) with me, nothing like having a nut off your back, Lord have mercy! I don't know where I am headed in this new adventure, But God dey.

New Projects, New things. I've got a number of ideas flowing in and out, I'm an ideas person, but turning them into something other than ideas, thats where the major issues lie. Dang. Hopefully I have enough energy to carry me through. I really don't want to work a 9-5 but if it would help my projects, so be it.