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Friday, October 15, 2010

'God Mode'

Her name was Manon Batiste. The game was Medal of Honor: Underground. One of the FPS games I really enjoyed playing back in the days. When my brother bought the game, I was excited because here was a playable female character that would actually be interesting! not like Tomb Raider where Lara Croft and co bore the living daylights out of me!
I still remember the first stages vividly where I had to use a petrol bomb and as we all (gamers) know, the first stages of a game are the easiest even though you are playing in 'Easy' mode. So when I got into the fourth, fifth stages of the game...I began to feel uneasy. There was a sound the character made when bullets hit her 'Vuup! Vuup!' In one of the stages, is a sniper that you have to be very patient to know where he is shooting from, if not, 'vuup vuup' and your character is dead. I played the stage a couple of times because I'm not a very patient person and it really really got to me. Next thing, I went online to the very reliable and got cheat codes YAY! i was gonna be INVINCIBLE a la GOD-MODE.  It didnt stop the game from being fun!! IMHO, lol, as some hardcore gamers would argue. I definitely didn't enjoy the idea of my character dying every second.

The memory of playing this game was triggered by the newest release of the series, which came out this month and has been highly controversial, it also got me thinking about life (as usual).We humans tend to create all sorts of fantasies, some form of escape, which tries to remove the harsh reality that we would all one day die. All the games we used to play from Mario where the charcaters all have extra-lives and chances to re-live to games like MOH where we have the option of Invinciblity elevating ourselves to a God-Like status. But we have to face reality at the end of the day, no matter what we do..we cannot live forever on earth. 

All the things we buy, all the stuff we acquire. There may be formulas for anti-aging..and what not, but i'm yet to see the formula that gives one invinciblity! Oooh the things I'd do, from jumping off buildings and airplanes to walking through fire and saving the world. We have created SuperHumans (Heroes as we call them) from Superman to Captain planet which mirror one of the Human desire. It only takes simple logic to work out that there has to be a plan for mankind, which is beyond what we see, this world isn't getting better, it's inevitable it will all end because it did start. ''All that is not eternal is eternally out of date.'' C.S Lewis

The desire for a 'God-Mode' quality only attests to the fact that there is a God somewhere who embodies this and much more. While we will never reach this 'mode' in this body. It is only reasonable that we live our lives in the best way possible, making the most out of each day. We have only the one..why live it as someone else's?
I'm really glad to see people finally waking up, embracing their OWN life and living. Death could come any time but haha in It's face! VICTORY because you LIVED!