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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Mrs Club! Pt.1

So my friends are convinced I have Marriage very strongly on my mind. Well as a female, the thought of being a Mrs doesnt venture too far from your mind, and as you grow 'younger' some unseen and seen forces, tend to drive you towards achieving the 'goal' and you have to make up your mind, For me? or Not for me?.

That being said, They claim it's all I have been tweeting about recently 'This older guy, I wanna get married, I don't wanna get married, I wanna marry an Alhaji, I wanna marry at 35'  'Marry Marry, Marry' in the words of one of them. It sure made me laugh but it's not all true ofcourse. Well at this point why shouldn't it be though. I have four guys who would marry me tomorrow, if i just made a call now and said OK. And why not...I don't give myself enough credit. because I am a complete wife material (A whole 5.6 inches of the stuff) like one of my friends I cook well enough, I love cleaning, I repair my own computer and electronic gadgets I bargain well, I don't spend money too much(I know how to save), I know what it means to Love, I have a Masters, I am smart, I have great genes e.t.c..So yeah why not??

Someone once said 'Any Idiot can get married' and that's the truth. I honestly believe it is not something everyone has to do, neither is it something that starts at the Church altar or the court room.

In the words of C.S Lewis 
'Love is a deep unity, maintained by the will and deliberately strengthened by habit; reinforced by (in Christian marriages) the grace which both partners ask, and receive, from God'

People have to be deliberate in their choice and its a matter of sticking with it (Will). It is definitely something you do with both eyes open.

In the words of Fela Kuti, 

'Marriage is a solidarity agreement entered into as individuals, in a quest for completeness. An intimate locus where social concerns and physical pleasure are fused.Not a divinely ordained and sealed package of Do's and Don'ts, it is about bonds forged around mutual feelings, a shared vision and the pooling together of resources to fulfill common objectives'

This is what people need to understand, I Once asked a question on twitter, If one can make marriage vows on the altar, why can't they make the same in their house? Does the number of people watching contribute to how far or how strong the commitment to each other is? 

Meanwhile, me, I am just chilling for the best man, worthy enough to make this life-long commitment to. If I find none, my life won't be less meaningful or unhappy. It is MY life and I would live it to the best I can.


Tisha said...

'Any idiot can get married' lol. My pastor once said don't marry someone who likes you. Marry someone who loves you. And then he have illustrations. I have never forgotten that. That's what i am waiting for. I won't get married if i don't find that. That word marriage almost makes me sick. I refuse to sell my soul for it.

Tisha said...
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GamineGirlie said...

I'm totally with you on that 'Marriage' it just reeks of something that should be repelled. Please my dear sisters, don't sell your souls!!!!!!

jemimahnaa said...

lol..yes big sis..marriage-highly overrated