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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Power

Celine Dion even sang about it, 'The power of Love' and being the romantic, naive female i am, i believed it.

Until yesterday, when my Uncle had a frank talk with me, heck i was tres embarrassed, but fact is fact. I came to the sad realization that the power didn't lie in Love.

I began to understand why a young graduate who has everything going for her, would stick to an ex-convict, who has no iota of 'kind' in him. Why a young lady would drive herself to debt just so she can marry the dashing young 'jobless-with no spine for better' male. I understood, but i couldn't sympathize.

No one readily admits it,they use 'Love' to mask it. Now I know the truth, What am I going to do?


jemimahnaa said...

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reading dis i can imagine u in front of him twiddling ur hair or cloth or something and trying not to Love is overrated jare..lie/lust are now classified as love but somehow the word still stands the test of time and a replacement has not been found for u knw the

GamineGirlie said...

I was even covering my well, yeah now i know