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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


You know I am a dreamer. I woke up this morning and i'm like, 'no no, don't forget this dream'
So I'm supposed to travel today, may thats what triggered this dream, becuase it revolved around a train, and some friends who have graduated.

First of all, we had to walk for a long time, then in the way dreams come, one minute you are in someones room the next we were trying to catch this train, 'Chiltern' somehow the train is about to move, but i press the open button to one of the cars, which was apparently empty, somehow i got on it, and then it started to move. I was like ahh i made it, only for me to look outside the window and realize I was on my own, travelling in this car which had disengaged from the rest of the train. HORROR! omg, then the main parts of the train started to move towards me, i just felt like, this is the end of my life and I can't believe it would go out on Chiltern, I love Eastcoast.

I didnt give up though, somehow in the car was a lever to stop it, so as I raced towards the unknown on the rail-track, I located this lever or button, pressed it and you know, it took a while before the car lost momentum and came to a halt, just in front of one of the major stations in my destination. 
By then alarm had been raised about the lone car. When I stepped out of the car, it was surrounded by workmen and passers-by who we usually call 'amebo', after asking what happened and what not, I was in a very confused state, and then the police came and asked me to come give a statement. I left the crowd of people with the car and went to tell my tale. 

After all was said and done, I got back to the spot, and lo and behold! my bags had been ransacked. The people in the crowd were eastern europeans. I've had a huge sum of Euros in my wallet for a while (even in real life), I checked, and checked it was gone! my Atm card! aaah these people, I was devasteated..but as i picked my bag to go, thinking of what I was gonna do without the money, thinking of my ordeal and everything.. i kicked myself...this is a dream!

I woke up for about two seconds with a sigh of relief but still lapsed into the dream...and the same scene, my lament over money and property stolen. when I finally woke up, it was all round relief.


jemimahnaa said...

lol...i hate dreams that u wake yourself up in the dream...but at least u got off the lone car thats wht matters,m not a josephine so can't help with interpretation

GamineGirlie said...

LOL! don't know..but i guess its just my over-active imagination..yah know!