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Friday, June 26, 2009


Unbelievable, the only other person I have felt such for was Diana.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A beautiful thing

I love Boston Legal alot, not just because of their smart quips but stuff like this really gets me

its so beautiful and had to be funny too! lol :D

Denny: What I give to you, what - what I share, I do with no one else. I like to think what you give to me, you do with nobody else. Now that - that may sound silly to you. But here's what I think is silly - the idea that jealousy or fidelity is reserved for romance. I always suspected that there was a connection between you and THAT man. That you got something you didn't get from me.

Alan: I probably do. But gosh, what I get from you, Denny ... People walk around today calling everyone their "best friend". The term doesn't have any real meaning anymore. Mere acquaintances are lavished with hugs and kisses upon a second or, at most, third meeting. Birthday cards get passed around offices, so everybody can scribble a snippet of sentimentality for a colleague they've barely met. And everyone just "loves" everyone. As a result, when you tell somebody you love them today, it isn't much heard. I love you, Denny. YOU are my best friend. I can't imagine going through life without you as my best friend. Not gonna kiss you, however.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Its Frosties .. oops..err!

I just can't get over this LNGKM!!!


Well not that my saturday is going well, but I get to see less people on this day.

This past week, well its been from one place to the other, and I got to watch Startrek and catch up on The Jeffersons FTW!

I also realised my short nails get dirter than the long ones, so I guess I won't be cutting them as short anymore.

One of my uncles, who was the PDP chairman of Edo state, died this week in an accident on the way to Benin, his first son also died, I dont even know what to say to my cousins on FB, I'm so sad for so. may dey RIP.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little notes and Definitions


Name of my tribe, I opened a blog trying to document the history ( and present, i opened a thread way back on Nairaland, exclaiming that my tribe was going extinct..well, from the statistics it looked so, but I am glad things are turning out different :)


This is the Japanese name i picked for myself, means "Lovely child" lol

all you folks that wont stop bugging me when you can access your nearest
my close friend calls me Hime *redness*

Paper route

Band I just discovered through a friend, great music.


Apparently my teeth can solve dy/dx...
Problem with my gums, I'm booked for dental surgery on Friday


Went to Immigration to retrieve my passport, and i had to "cooperate" if not "my file will lost"

when will the right thing ever be the right thing to do?

Friday, June 5, 2009


oh yeah..I'm a "Drawer" lol

I've uploaded some drawings on my deviant account

to participate.

ooh i loove drawing.

Honest Blogging

I stumble on some blogs and i see an award like "Honest blogger"
so im wondering . . the other bloggers are dishonest or not that honest
Or what is Honest about the particular blog.
True, people tell lies and all, but how do you know.
just wondering o jare.

Another Friday. .Honestly I wish Monday would never come.

Monday, June 1, 2009


This day brings back LOTS of memories, especially ones that include Rain, Yellow Raincoats and Hot
Yup, I remember AFPS, Victoria Island..It rained so hard, I, my sisters and my neighbours were trapped in school..we didn't get picked up until about 7 pm, after they had threatened to put us in the guard, No gsm then so, we were totally under Gods mercy..My mum was really sorry and made up with some pamperment hehehe..that was one of my best nights.

My Break was so eventful its unbelievable..Watch this space :D

Now the Gist

A Few of my Favorite things

My friend invited me for a "care group" meeting of his church, so we both went there from work,, there was a party, I was quietly happy.
My eyes took in chocolates,cakes, biscuits, donuts, samosa..aaah, my tummy was groaning.
Thankfully we were late and it was just about time to dig in. YUM YUM!

After the feast and take home secured in my bag, rain started to fall, so most of the ladies just stayed back.And the whole discussion moved to hair, how they didnt want rain to beat it..
Next thing one of the ladies ask me Where did u lock your hair? lock..I had my hair in twists all to the back..another ones says..its nice that its all slicked back with out gel after I told them I had just twisted it.

I got asked a lot of questions;
Your church doesnt allow you to perm your hair?
Are you deeper life(yeh this question again, i wasn't wearing earrings too)
Is it spiritual?

No no no!, I said just want to leave my hair like this, one suggests I really should loc it..I say No!
Natural hair doesnt have to be lowcut and locs..

They gosh over how pretty I look with it and my "mature"
I start to leave and the owner of the house, who is really funny exclaimed..oh your legs are like straight..I couldn't but laff
such a nice ending to a full day..

funny that I'm getting more compliments as a should tell

Stuff like this doesnt happen everyday!

Demgocrazy my friend said on twitter.was really crazy
I spent most of the day lazying about, I untwisted my hair..I was just floating about basically, did some cleaning cause my friend was coming for the weekend. lol
Towards the evening, my friend arrived, we couldn't go out cause she was so tired. I freshened up and decided to say 'hey' to a friend in my neighbourhood, I went to their house and they
began to complain about hunger.

It was about 9:30pm, but we went to a restaurant got food, sharwama, suya.
on our way back..I forget my phone in the CAB! I wanted rapture to take place at that moment
and the bad thing is I realize about an hour after..because I had been so caught up in gist and sharwama!
I felt so of all the people in the world, forget my expensive nokia phone in a cab!!
oh Gawd!
my world literally crashed.we tried calling the number, it was unavailable..after about an hour of jokes and lament, I went into my house and told my friend, she said she had tried to call me but I wasn't available.

I lay on my bed and started thinking of how to pick up the pieces..going to do mtn welcome a N3000 phone...why don't I have rich friends/ boyfriends!!.I was way beyond sad.
I tried my number again with my friends phone, same thing..Annoying..I decided to make one last call before I slept, and behold! it was ringing!

My heart beat so fast I thought I'd have a seizure..then a man answers..all form of respect came into me..Good evening sir! please sir! thank you sir! you don't know how much this means sir!
God bless you sir! goodnight sir!
He told me that I should meet him at a taxi park, the next day to get the phone, that I shouldn't be scared and all, he gave some explanation for turning off the phone at first though.

aah I was in Heaven!, I couldn't sleep properly, I was dreaming about it and would wake up and look at the time..ain't morning yet?

Good people still exist in Naija eh!! UNBELIEVABLE!

Reunion and an Undercover star

My Friend had come into Abuja for the project fame audition, i decided to audition too to satisfy my curiousity, i wasnt sure of what to sing just yet..but i was gonna give it a shot. there was environmental sanitation so we couldnt move until after 10 and after i had gotten my phone. the taxi driver had been so kind to bring it, to where i was and the reunion was tearful and we thanked the man profusely.

Next we headed to the audition venue, hm..loooooots of people there o, over 500, but we got there at about 11, so we managed to snag, 291 and 293..we went to wait for the auditions, my friend won a 2gb flashdrive,.that was nice, i was busy taking in the whole atmosphere..i tweeted about, it..the Razz folk i saw..fried hair, earrings and oversize suits. Belts, beads, boots all on one person..a walking boutique. I saw a couple of my university folks..hmm hmm..i tot, while on the line i made some wisecracks about the auditions and had people laughing..I couldnt hold my laughter until it was time to enter the audition room. Shoot!, my heart started again like a locomotive engine and my legs..i didnt know where they went. Somehow i got in, and theres this big woman with a smiley face waiting to test me. So after a lil chitchat, i tell her Evanenscence, my nerves make me pronounce it wrong n she corrects it..oo okey!
I sing tourniquet and she asks if im singing in my bathroom, I go ahead to sing Scars by Papa roach, she's not ok with it..and says she's unsure
I calm down and then belt out Bring me to life..perfect! she says and I'm all smiles..see you tomorow she says, I was quite happy.
My friend, well she didnt make it.

Wheew..that was my break oh, it was so darn hard getting back to work on monday,