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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cigarettes, Sugar and Nice things.

I have a Love-Hate relationship with the smell of cigarettes. I was sitting in the studio one morning this week and someone had opened the windows because the studio was getting too warm and was quite disturbing. But as fresh air flowed in, the smell of cigarette wafted in, i am certain it was moisture in the air and the smell that triggered my memories. Water + Cigerette always triggers childhood memories, splashing in the pool at the Apapa Club, having suya and just precious pure fun times. amazing. Really really sad i can't bring those times back again.

Funny, as i went along the day, different things began to trigger memories, I was cooking and as i opened the Maggi cubes, The days of Chocomilo and Picnics on 1004 grounds, began to swirl in my mind. they don't say 'the good old days' for nothing.

I was trying to make a cuppa too, and realized the days of my sugar had come to an end...ok, St Louis cubed sugar is triggered and brings along memories of days in 1004, putting cubes in 'Ogi' lol. good times!

The day before one of my coursemates had asked me why we 'black' girls like to 'tie' our hair. He meant plait or twist, i tried to explain though, but i untwisted my hair, and had this massive fro which i walked around the streets of Tyne land with. Anyways, that led to one of my teammates saying, Your hair is massive! which led to discussion about hair and childhood haircuts. I was in stitches as i told them the story of how i tried to change this (for example)

To this,

When i was in secondary school and i was on low cut, i walked around with my eyes facing the sky, HILARIOUS!

Aah, it was a pretty good week, still on the search for jobs and ish, stabbed Gidi Night at the Empress today, Got my test results yesterday and its all good, nothing is wrong with me! yay!

Other things!

Housemate offered me a ride to Birmingham, yay!

Main Goal for this weekend, Make Soup!

Complete Research proposal

Oh yeah i'm TOTALLY Obsessed  ^_^

But, have you seen a finer guy!


Dola Aiko said...

for a moment I thought those were piercings :D

jemimahnaa said...

my gamine..piercings..mayb ears..seriously doubt d 1 in d pic tho..i'm in love with the pic of ur dreaded guy,love his dreads..wish i could touch em real life..look vewi miss 1G4....funny we both lived there and neva knew each oda,dats life...good ol' days..mine was ikoyi club even tho popc had to practically force me to go bout ur test o..wen u cmn now..missed reading ur blog..hmm..l inbox ur yahoo so chk it..inbox me ur no. l call dis tym a nice guy dat fuels ma fone..wink**miss ya..