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Monday, March 22, 2010

My 160th

Did i mention before that i love round figures and even numbers?? Did i also mention i hurt my neck last week? ok. i haven't written any post since the day I went to sleep and woke up with the sun streaming through my window and a song in my heart, with a firm belief that the day was gonna be great!

Well, the day was great.....if you are a sadistic pessimistic character who loves to see pretty gals like me get hurt! >_<  //kidding on the pretty part// lol. I swear, the only stressful thing i did that morning was run for the bus. But as soon as i got into my school building, my neck just snapped. I guess its an accumulation of decades of bad posture, but it should have given a warning! it could be something worse...but hey i'm not the sadistic....

My day was pretty ruined at that point, cos while fighting the urge to turn left, had to get on the bus, find a hospital and get well! i was given a bunch of heavy duty pain killers and told it was just a muscle pull in my felt like a bone had snapped and was poking me, while a trailer ran over my neck..kai! it wasnt funny.

The following days didnt hold much promise either, I was pretty much knocked out by the pills every other day and could hardly get any work done. Still cant. I'm awake at 3:44, a lot on my mind and I don't know where to dump them.. I can't even write any list.

Between my growing obsession for dreadlocked guys, >see pic below>

and research proposal deadline looming, I've got a mighty lot on me head >_< and I'm thinking to give Him a chance, oh blurdy!

I'm just hoping to have a great start to this week, (What with me still up at 4am!!)  maybe check out Swan lake, Watch Alice in Wonderland, Eat at the swanky new Asian (Chinese + Malay +Taiwanese+ everything Asian) restuarant. Yeah.... ^_^


jemimahnaa said...

haaaaaa!!!! neck snapped ke?!!! does dat happen..not in naija sha..kpele o..musta really hurt, can feel the pain from ur vivid illustration..sannu,n ur dreadlocked guys are dey are vewi haute!! and wat u mean kiddin on the pretty part, u go chop slap u sha want make we say u pweety..oYA U PWEETY..HAPPY

Gamine said...

lol, far too neck hurt bad, i was givn the heaviest pain killers, shitty day mehn!! thank Goodness its all over

jemimahnaa said...

yes o..i cannot just imagine...