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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Social Media is the Devil!

Err,..ok i just wanted to say, my week has been quite good. EVERYTHING didnt go as planned but pretty close. I guess its just about trying your best every minute of the day, being in the moment, understanding that ultimately the choice is really yours. My team made a headway in our project, having to tailor three concepts into one, with some help from our programme leaders, it went well.

After all that on tuesday, I went to attend a presentation by The Difference engine, Six teams presented and i was most interested in
>> app on facebook
>> Kuwalu, if it works as expected...

and the other ideas which will be wonderful to see how they all develop. It was a really nice time out, interacting with people other than the norm, plus there was food afterwards and wine! which i kept kicking back my throat like water. When my head started to swim, i knew it was time to let but not without taking off with three bottles of wine. I gave one to my friend though..i'm not that Couldnt believe i was tipsy and going for a church cell group meeting. Never again, what a night!

My friend teased me that was in role-play costume, ok yeah i dressed up like this.

White shirt...check (better fitted though), Grey short skirt..check. No tie though, i had on TEAL tights, imagine people at the connect group arguing that it was GREEN. LOL!! Teal is my favorite colour at the moment though.

 I felt fufilled as i chucked two bottles of wine (Red n White) in my fridge ^_^. But i had never felt as knackered as i did, and i slept almost immediately i got home at about 12am.

The next day, i woke up with a massive headache, alcohol really needs its limit. Managed to get out of bed about 9am, missing out on my first, not really a lecture though..but i had planned to make it. But i got ready to attend the one at 11am, a lecture about Branding by 'N' Royle. it was an OK lecture. Then got to talk with Irini, the PHD. it was rewarding and i left with a better understanding on what i have to do concerning my proposed Phd leanings.

Managed to encounter a rude person at my local fruit shop, smh! got the bag i ordered from Ebay, quite disappointed. erhm erhm, i postponed my cooking today, but did some cleaning. I gave myself a major fright thinking i had lost my phone and, so funny.

Its all good, now i have to do some work before bedtime 2:30am knacks... :), and i'm hoping i make the Twestival later today, it'd be nice to see the folk again..

AND >>>>>> ^_^  i need help!


jemimahnaa said...

firstly..dat is a gawjuss dreaded guy..can i have him? nice outfit..i can imagine u in it,u r one of the few pips i know that can pull dese stuffs off without lookn like u in sec. sch. chkd out d difference engine site..the geogoer is cool, it seemed like i was using the map on my N-97 mini which is real cool..hmmm PhD dad was talking bout that wit me smtym..dats fone conversation tho..and seems to me u and Prof. Irini will be good friends

Gamine said...

Seems as though!
We will talk, i'll call you in a min

jemimahnaa said...

min don pass o

jemimahnaa said...

min don pass o