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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Emo Blackmail

I'm the last person anyone should try this on, sadly theres no chance of it succeeding anyways. I cannot be threatened by anyone's offer or withdrawal of friendship, i dont think its that precious. Infact if it gets to this stage i really don't need it. One person told me this week or last, can't really remember. He said i was insolent and rude and this and that, just because he wanted me to do something which i'm not. I'm surprised though that it didnt occur to him 'so be it' another dude says. To be honest, i'm only really shaky when i can't connect with female friends anymore.
I cannot be blackmailed into grovelling at anyones feet because they have 'so much' to offer. Life is too short to live like this. To the best of my abilities to i seek to provide the highest value i can to this world and refuse to be burdened by anyone person's view or perception.

So please, if you were planning this tactic, refrain or forever waste your time
Cheers! ^_^


Zuri Natural said...
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sheun said...

wierd what we guys do sometimes...emotional

jemimahnaa said...

lol..u and guys

thot it applied to both sexes till i read d ...'i'm really shaky when i can't connect with female friends'part...yipeee!!!but really blackmail aint the way its neva workd on me 'cos i dnt really give 2 about any guy like dat..and trust me some would still go with the forever waste your time