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Monday, March 15, 2010

March Mashup!

Wow, it feels like such a long time since i blogged, ooh ok.Whats been up...aargh this is why i said to blog every single day...cos i forget stuffffffffff!!! ok, calm no panic.


Sometimes i do ask myself, Who send you go school?! ITs been busy busy plus working with industry deadlines, it keeps you on your toes though, great experience. I've been slacking still, i have a paper to submit by the end of this month and i have only mapped out what i'm gonna do, havent put ink to paper. this week will have to suffer that. Also i have to submit a research proposal, had a chat with one of my lecturers and he gave me some direction. The funny thing is, the more i say, 'I'm not cut out for this kind of rigorous academic' i find myself delving deeper, am i denying something here? lol. Can't believe i missed the International Sudent conference, where did my head go to! New week, gotta stay on top of things, easier said than done, but can still be done.

House Palava

Gas leak??! 999!! was i scared or what!, anyways, it turned out it was manageable and while everyone got gas, my flat was as cold as ice, had to call the landlord, who said someone had turned off the mains for my heater. Some people are just mental! anyways i'm as warm as toast now ^_^

Mother's Day

I tried reaching out to all the mothers i My mum called, called my aunties,, sister, it was nice to spread the cheer, but i realised it was only Nigeria and the Uk celebrating mothers day, Naija and follo follo. lol. i missed out on the flower given out at my church cos my landlord was in my house trying to solve my heating problems :(

Surprise Dinner and Vermicelli

Went out with my housemate, got drenched by rain badly. All my stylishness was outta the window, it was an evening church service which was like no church i'd ever gone to, more like a music concert, very energetic, amazing! After, her sister picked us up, drove us to her house and then on to an Indian restaurant in South Shields, had a great time laughing, gisting eating, now i have an obsession for Kheer, an Indian pudding made of vermicelli, chai i need to have it! They call it the perfect dessert, i love it!
It was a really nice time out, just sad that the next day was Monday, i was so full till about 12pm the next day. lol.

Other stuff

I've been playing techno through out last week, some Chiddy bang and the regulars. Watched Gaga and Beyonce's video, i reserve my comments... Inspired by my housemate and sister, i''m back to playing my Zulu songs.great fun, forgot how much i liked them. I've been watching Dancing on Ice, and my favorite didn't get a high score on Sunday, I'm so sad about that, but her 6. performance was too on point, how do you top that!? lol. Caught a bug on Thursday, couldn't attend my Friday lecture and Saturday charity event, what a bummer!

I think i've written enough for now, i be back tomorrow..with anymore i remember... ^_^


jemimahnaa said...

d video i shall comment on..i hate it..too all over..i used to like gaga but don't any more she's got dis devilish aura around her..and her videos too..e.g bad romance..dnt knw how people can sing along to messed up lyrics like dat and i dnt even want to start with beyonce and her hubby and rihanna and crew..m so pissed v switched to strictly naija songs..mchheww!!

jemimahnaa said...

haha people are mean o..wetin u do dem wey dem off ur heater na..

@mother's day trust naija to follow

Gas leak!!!!!scary thank God o..

@Acada u capable naija sch system dint help but u can't blame it all on dem..i believe in u..look deeper within u'll find strength

m d mother of not bloggin..i feel bad..but at least i can blame it on work and sch and reading for lil extra time so catchn up on ur blog and will get rnd to blogn after dat