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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Woke up yesterday and just couldn't move, pretty important day at school and my legs gave out. I had a massive headache to boot, pretty shitty start to my day. Went back to sleep and finally made a way out by 12pm. I've had this numbness in my legs on and off, i just hope the blood test doesn't return anything scary. I really hate not being where i ought to be, even if it turns into a waste of time, my day was pretty much mapped out before i went to bed. And then things didn't go as planned, a real bummer.
Anyways *Sigh*
I went to get some dairy products, then tried to look for the Indian vermicelli (Kheer), no shop around had it and i had to settle for some over sweet 'thing', never again!

Blast from the past

Once upon a time not too distant in the past, was a guy i liked. He disappointed me a number of times, not intentional i reckon, still it wasn't a good look. He 'disappears', for well a long time and then he showed up yesterday. Said he was sorry and all. Good good, happy new year.

Also! i watched Splash!! Tom Hanks looked so, I cant believe people thought Daryl Hannah was that beautiful, and then Eugene Levy...lololol. Good fun i tell ya.