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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Drunken sun

I was organizing a friday night out with a friend, we decide on Art, 'Beer', Coffee and Poetry which I think is pretty neat, given I hardly go out. I tell him, 'Nice, except the beer' I don't drink beer of course, I proceed to list out what I 'drink' as prompted. As I write wine, the memory hits me.

Wednesday '09, 12pm, Tipsy.

I had gone to submit my student visa application to the UK consulate and was on my way home. I crossed the road to get a taxi and then I saw the shop. I can't remember what made me go in. I think as I passed by, I was called. Anyway, I got into the wine shop. Yes, it was a wine shop, and I started to feel like little lost Heidi. What did I know about wines? Only that I preferred the red one to the white one. I looked around for a bit, acting like I even recognized the labels or cared much about the age of the alcohol. 
The shop keeper and owner, started to talk to me. 'South Africa' 'Italy' 'France' were the only things I could assimilate. After a bit they got me to sit and have a little drink with them. Apparently they had just received a fresh consignment of sweet red wines from France.  I thought 'great, just a taste and I'm out! but wait, spiked?' then  I saw a lady sat down also, 'ok..'

Next thing I know, my head feels funny, I had been guzzling the wine like holy water. They kept encouraging me to take more, but I knew one more cup would send me over the bar. I bid them farewell. I'm not sure if i got a bottle off them, but getting home was my number one priority at this point. With Abuja turned into a slow moving vortex, I haled a taxi.

I got home, luckily no one was in, couldn't even spare the thought of otherwise. Threw my bag to one side, and fell on my bed, head banging. I slept then I woke. My head was still messed up and I had just had my first ever hangover, 'this is hell' I thought, then laughed.

Makes me laugh still as I plan my outing, a sequel tomorrow? I don't think so :)