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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bergamot - The Scent of Childhood

No weekend was complete without getting your hair did. From all-backs to woven thread, you simply could not resume a school week without a head of fresh glistening patterns. My mother knew how to make hair, my aunt knew how to make hair, our house-help knew how to make hair. So there was simply no excuse. This ritual began with setting up the space, the joko, the cutting comb and then the 'cream' the favoured one in my house was the blue cream.

It wasn't till I got grown, got into essential oils that I found out that the scent which made my weekends complete was Bergamot. I still like it and the memories are good.

Bergamot is an oil gotten from Bergamot Orange which is cultivated in parts of Italy and Turkey (heard Columbus took it from the Canary Islands to Italy). It is used in perfumes, tea, sweets and, you guessed it, hair products. Why? it soothes the scalp, aids hair growth and makes hair extra shiny.

Bergamot also helps to relieve anxiety and depressed moods. So, why not pick up a bit of this. Though it's hard to find this blue hair cream anymore, the scent of my childhood will always live with me and in the form of my little bottle of bergamot oil.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Challenge

I had already planned and written it down to put this post up today. so, I was quite happy that this landed into my 'lap' this morning to make reference to. The question is, at what point is it ok to be racist just as long as you are fighting for women rights

Equality and Gender.

These are questions I'm beginning to ask myself whenever the subject arises. What do people mean by equality. Quite frankly I do not know. There's only one sense of 'Equality' I do recognize, it's that every human life has an intrinsic priceless value because they are all created by The Creator. Coming from that angle has so many implications, but I won't go into that now. 

However, how can we expect to have equal numbers of men and women everywhere? On the other hand, some argue that gender is not important. If it weren't what are we fighting for? Why are people involved in complex operations to switch their bodies? Why will it matter if there are 6 people who look like men and 2 who look like women on a conference panel?, if this was of no consequence.


Under this is usually the fight against Patriarchy. I am not a fan of those who put blames on systems of things. What are systems made of?, they are made of people, and until those people are changed, you will not have a changed system. So I don't think patriarchy is the issue, I am certain that people are the issue.


I have found no need whatsoever to identify myself in this way, because 1. some things being fought for are things that a decent human being should fight for, 2. There is such a thing as responsibility. Let us take rape for example, many talk about victim-shaming etc, I understand the issues. However it is necessary to take precautions wherever you can, e.g not getting drunk and out of mind, it's only too easy for anyone to take advantage. This is why we lock our doors at night.

Now with all of these concepts, they are all fundamental flawed. As a Christian, you know, that's the way I see the world, there's a dire problem of sin. This will corrupt every single venture we go into, that's why we can have racist feminists. Why? because sin is not a thing you do, it's your make up being born into this world. So it doesn't matter what way you were born, you need to be born again.