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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

France, Bans and Scarves

So a friend of mine tweeted on a topic, I replied. It was on the French ban on veils which only show the eyes or don't even show the face at all. He said it was unfair and just plain intolerant. Fair enough I thought, I know what side many people will be arguing on. But being the person I am, I tried to get people to look at it from another angle. I honestly haven't read so much on the topic, but from the little I know, I can make my opinion reasonably.

1. France is a secular country
2. They would prefer to keep it that way
3. The ban wasn't targeted at Muslim women who wear veils that make up only 0.1% of the M.W pop.
4. France banned any form of religious display in 'public places'

I can't see why people have to over-react to be honest. If indeed only 0.1% of women wear this veil, it shows how easy the practice can be discarded or adjusted. It also makes us understand that being a Muslim isn't tied to those veils, if many more can go without it. It shows that it is a cultural not religious thing and for goodness sakes, they are in France. The country is trying to do the best for its citizens. The rate of discrimination based on religious affiliation is high enough, and the French government would rather not have people being judged by such a thing. 'Freedom of Expression is suppressed', some argue well smoking is banned in public places in many places, why isn't this challenged?  ok so Why am I using 'Smoking' 

1. It's the first thing that popped into my mind
2. It is also banned in public places in some countries
3. It is wonderful for people who smoke but unpleasant to those who do not
4. The ban in public places doesn't equal a ban in smoking at all.

I mean, why do we have to be so hard headed and stubborn sometimes. I'm not surprised the world is the way it is because we take offense so easily instead of stopping to think objectively. Everything is about us personally, our rights, our freedom, people being intolerant to us without seeing how we are also intolerant and the fact that we are no 'us' without others. I am positive this ban is not life-threatening to anyone, so therefore, let's see how it goes, I really hope the best decision is reached.


Olafusi Michael O. said...

I really enjoy your angle of view. The truth is it is more than the obvious. Those against the ban also have a strong point.

GamineGirlie said...

They do, don't we all.

Political Atheist said...

"I honestly HAVEN'T READ so much on the topic, but from the LITTLE I KNOW, I can make my opinion reasonably."

I'm sorry you really cannot form any sort of "reasonable" opinions based upon LIMITED knowledge of the topic.

GamineGirlie said...

What is limited? Mr Political Atheist. I know ENOUGH even if it is little to make an opinion.