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Saturday, April 16, 2011

An Elephant Flying??

This is how I feel about the current Nigerian elections, there are things that are just impossible, and hey I am not surprised.

More importantly I got to watch Dumbo again!! oh my days! we had the tape when I was much younger so this was a frequent watch for a long while. I love love it. I still shed tears watching it again. But I realised so much now that I am older. I think as a kid one was more concerned about the excitement, the colours, the fun..I mean I am still concerned about that, but more than anything truths from the movie began to jump out at me. One thing I also noticed was how short it was! as a kid, it never seemed so! lol. But It was great re-living those moments in my life that I wouldn't change. If I do have kids, I hope I'd be able to get them to watch it ^_^

I love this song, it makes me chuckle with delight!


Kimf said...

So glad to have stumbled onto your blog. You have inspired me to go rent Dumbo, which I have not watched in at least 25 years! What a great way to spend part of the weekend!

GamineGirlie said...

Thats great! I'm really glad I've re-ignited your memories too!