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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Real Nigerian Music

My heart has always yearned for genuine things, and I have this uncanny ability for spotting them. I'm drawn to truth in heart and in sounds. Any kind of music I take seriously, I am sure of truth in it. In Nigeria, we only have a few of such souls, and I normally won't bother to listen to the lot of Nigerian musicians out there today, but a number of them stand out. 

Asa, I remember the first time I had a glimpse of her, with her glasses and short locs on an NTA programme, I instantly liked her. I knew it was the locs at first, but I think her whole persona combined with the guitar holding and what she sang drew me to her.

Her first album, Loved Loved Loved it. It was still taking me lots of time to get into her second album but something changed things for me. A friend of mine told me casually, 'Ah Asa is going to be singing at the Barbican' oh ok...'I have a spare ticket if you want to come' he finished. Yay, I thought 'Let's go there' hehe. 

It was a great night, not only did my respect for Asa move up a number of notches, my appreciation of her second album also grew. She is the Truth, I hope she never loses it. An icing on the cake of the night was waiting to listen to Tiken Jah Fakoly

I was actually in this Video, dancing my ass enjoy!


lawwyy said...

I cant see u dancing ur ass off or u be back up singer ni? >_<