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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Come Dine With Me

The past few months have seen me spend a lot of time in the Kitchen, omg! I can't believe it you know..that I'm actually beginning to like cooking, and just the domestic way of life. Yesterday I even baked scones! Having people enjoy what I cook and appreciate it really spurs me on. Personally, ofcourse there's been a change inside deeper than just what people see. I still find it difficult to just up and go cook something for myself, but when other people's lives are at stake, I take it up with immediate effect! I used to yearn for the fast-paced life of an exec. But as I've begun to learn more about healthy feeding and live in general, it makes me want to become a housewife! I swear, me? yes me!. Sometimes I just picture myself in a farm house, homeschooling my children, cooking in a big kitchen, feeding my family and just living a content life (definitely not in the eyes of the world) filled with warmth and love.

It's no surprise that I also began to love the TV programme, Come Dine With Me. Cooking shows always used to bore me. But this one, is just plain brilliant. I spend hours watching re-runs, but its interesting to see how much many people can still cook and the pleasure many derive in putting out a good meal and for strangers too, its always heart warming when at the end of the programme the contestants still want to keep in touch..see what food can do! lol.

Jesus also calls us to Come dine with Him. He has filled the cup at the table with fresh wine, we can now partake in it as brothers and sisters. It's a simple call, Come to the table or stay were ever you are. We have the ability to respond as we see fit. But if I can go to dinner with abandon to enjoy foods which I enjoy and which replenish me temporarily, why not go to the dinner where I will enjoy foods which give life forever? Its a no brainer I've made my choice!

So, as you come dine with me, I hope you would also dine with Jesus at the table...........Enjoy!!!!


Rachel said...

So, what's on the menu today?

GamineGirlie said...

Skewered Grilled chicken with a large helping of the Gospel! ^_^

Natural Nigerian said...

I like cooking, a lot! Welcome to the club. I know what you mean about that farm house and homeschooling the kids. For me that is the image of peace.

GamineGirlie said...

As in!! I don't know what else would satisfy like that (apart from God)

As for exclaim like you...I'm getting

Myne Whitman said...

I'm not good on cooking, but we get by, lol. But I enjoyed that show while I was in UK.