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Monday, May 26, 2014

The Power of Forgiveness.

There's a certain magic about stories. Some just never leave you for your lifetime. As a Christian no story comes close to the story of God's love as communicated through the bible however there are a number of human stories that leave you completely floored. There is one of such stories I don't think I'll ever forget. It is one of hurt, betrayal and forgiveness.

A friend told me this story. We had been having a discussion of married life and to be honest, it still frightens me but I thought I had my mind made up on certain things. 'If he cheats?' I was asked. ''There's no way I could...'' I replied.

They had been married for 13yrs. They loved each other and seemed to have a very happy life, until he started to see another woman. What started out as random chats evolved into a full blown affair. The children began to get a whiff of what was happening upstairs and one day, she decided to call for a separation. He didn't want this due to an image crisis but she was adamant. 
After being separated for a year. He broke off all the outside relationships he had and went to beg her. After 3 excruciating years they got back together. They've been married 35yrs now, and the pain of his cheating though dulled is a reminder of the grace and forgiveness they have experienced. Not long after they got back together those years ago, my friend was born. 

It blew me away, this person standing before me, telling me this story would not have even been existing if someone decided forgiveness was out of the question. It convicted me, when Jesus says we should love, this is what it's about. God help us!