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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Reluctant Blogger

I was born contemplating, but writing is one of those things that help me get my thoughts into the outside world. This however is not the easiest of things for me. Speaking is another channel but worse, I mean, how do I find the right words to describe what I see so clearly in my mind.
It is a blessing that some times I do come across some people whose writing puts in a far more eloquent way, some of the things I've got stuck inside and I'm extremely grateful for them.

Read It.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Child of the Night

I've always been a night owl, but I haven't particularly liked the darkness. There was a time I could not sleep with the lights out, boarding school was a series of nightmares for a while. Yes, I found myself jumping into my friends beds some nights, it was that bad.
I love the night though, especially now that my panic and anxiety attacks are beginning to lessen, surely I have come a long way from my 13yr old self at boarding school. The best bit of the night, apart from the lovely quiet, the sound of life shutting down, my shower. Yes, my shower is just amazing. 
There was a youtube video I came across a while back, the lady talked about habits we needed to cultivate and taking a night time shower was one of them. I used to do it sometimes but was not really committed to it. But her simple explanation of the necessity drew me in. It seemed like common sense that had flown over my head. Let me outline the benefits of this nighttime shower.

1. You wash away all the struggles of the day
2. It is very calming, yes, I was only able to write this post after the shower my brain had been foggy since I got back from work
3. You will feel fresh and alive (Also drink loads of water)
4. Having a shower releases serotonin, so you go to bed happy and you will have a pleasant sleep
5. You go to your bed clean, which also promotes a good sleep, instead of bringing all the germs of day (work, public transport, car fumes, all sorts of people, bags, food, you name it!)
6. It is just wonderful, it makes me keep my sanity with clarity of mind and focus.
7. I smell wonderful! makes me happy!

There's only one thing that could probably make this child of the night happier *wink*

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Broken Things

I am a hoarder. There, I said it. Looking at my bathroom vanity it is evident. I bet the nice housekeeper who comes in every Wednesday to clean thinks it too. I find its way more than that though, lots of the things I keep are in fact broken and should have made their way to the dustbin but somewhere in my mind, i keep convincing myself I can fix them. 

In the past few years I realize that this applies to people in many ways. I'm attracted to the broken, people who are in need of help, somewhere inside me begs to have them whole again. I genuinely love to help people, but sometimes I forget that many aren't really seeking help or help from me. It's a bit upside down because I am usually the last person to ask for help. I feel blessed with my lot and I don't like to think of bothering someone else for what I want. My motto in this context has been, If I don't have it, I don't need it, even though I want it, and that is fine. I tell you, it may read nice, but it can also be quite dangerous, because sometimes we don't know what we really need or if we have it.

I looked at the broken nail file for an extra second and I thought, No I can't fix this, it tumbled into the dustbin quite nicely and I felt much better.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Dear K,

How are we?  

It's been a chill week so far compared to the tumultuous July. Now, I am better able to focus on the things I need to be doing. I have a backlog of stuff that needs to get done, but the level of busy-ness in the past couple of weeks didn't really allow much breathing space. I've decided to take a break from events and instead focus on my writing. My weekends have been busy too and since June, I've hardly had a day to myself. I'm crossing my fingers for next week because this weekend is full but exciting. I will be going to watch the Men's Basketball today at the Olympic Park, gotta get into the spirit you know! lol. Tomorrow, I will be meeting some friends at church, one who is due to give birth and another who just got engaged! good times, we may be off for a Sunday Roast, but I'm thinking I'll just head back home.

Some things I will be trying to get done over the next couple of weeks include; Getting back on my high calorie diet and good eating plan, I realized I gained 2kg between April and now, I'm excited to gain some more! And also keep doing my Pilates and Core workouts at the Gym.

I need to sort out a number of items I NEED to give away, I do want to live simpler. I've got books, papers, financial records to get in order. Also, I need to make my contact with folks that matter even more frequent, it's so easy for me to turn into myself #notgood
Then my birthday! I plan to travel to some European country for a week, alone. However one of my older sisters plans to be around for summer, I need to confirm that but whatever the case I should be able to do a getaway even if it's 3 days.

Exciting times ahead but I have to get through day by day with God's love spurring me on and the love of those who are around me #blessed The best thing is the opportunity to love others and help where ever I can.

That's it for now K, I look forward to challenges and the overcoming.



Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Love to Dance!

Contrary to popular belief, I actually love to dance and I don't mind doing it on the streets. I choose to stay happy! What else could make me happier than the fact that we are in the bestest month of the year! yay its August again! Oh no, you couldn't mistake me for being the child of another month. I'm a through and through Augustina!
Now, we know for sure that this year is coming to close, grateful for being able to see it so far. LOADs of things have happened but I look forward to what more Life has to show me.

I had a really enjoyable June/July and I can only hope for better in the coming months. A number of close friends passed by and I was really happy to see them.
On the workfront? it's been up and down, annoying, heartbreaking, with nice folk leaving the company. anways life moves on.
What I can I say, I'm sat here typing this blog post racking my brain for something to actually write. I think I will let August speak for itself and if there's anything I feel I must absolutely post. I will come back here to rant and rave. For now,