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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Love to Dance!

Contrary to popular belief, I actually love to dance and I don't mind doing it on the streets. I choose to stay happy! What else could make me happier than the fact that we are in the bestest month of the year! yay its August again! Oh no, you couldn't mistake me for being the child of another month. I'm a through and through Augustina!
Now, we know for sure that this year is coming to close, grateful for being able to see it so far. LOADs of things have happened but I look forward to what more Life has to show me.

I had a really enjoyable June/July and I can only hope for better in the coming months. A number of close friends passed by and I was really happy to see them.
On the workfront? it's been up and down, annoying, heartbreaking, with nice folk leaving the company. anways life moves on.
What I can I say, I'm sat here typing this blog post racking my brain for something to actually write. I think I will let August speak for itself and if there's anything I feel I must absolutely post. I will come back here to rant and rave. For now,



jemimahnaa said...

lol @Augustina!!dt u r. June was fun ;).