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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Broken Things

I am a hoarder. There, I said it. Looking at my bathroom vanity it is evident. I bet the nice housekeeper who comes in every Wednesday to clean thinks it too. I find its way more than that though, lots of the things I keep are in fact broken and should have made their way to the dustbin but somewhere in my mind, i keep convincing myself I can fix them. 

In the past few years I realize that this applies to people in many ways. I'm attracted to the broken, people who are in need of help, somewhere inside me begs to have them whole again. I genuinely love to help people, but sometimes I forget that many aren't really seeking help or help from me. It's a bit upside down because I am usually the last person to ask for help. I feel blessed with my lot and I don't like to think of bothering someone else for what I want. My motto in this context has been, If I don't have it, I don't need it, even though I want it, and that is fine. I tell you, it may read nice, but it can also be quite dangerous, because sometimes we don't know what we really need or if we have it.

I looked at the broken nail file for an extra second and I thought, No I can't fix this, it tumbled into the dustbin quite nicely and I felt much better.


lawwyy said...

A simply well thought out post,I like it

jemimahnaa said...

hmmmmm...i used to be a hoarder and can still be on occasion but i learnt its way easier to let go. askn 4help can be quite tasking especially when after asking, the person can't offer anything (i feel like i'v just put a burden on the person regardless,problems shared are not always half solved, sometimes they are compounded) this makes us (me) withdraw and lean on jst me which like you said is not always good. Think the key is to learn to separate the need from the want and who we can confide in