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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Child of the Night

I've always been a night owl, but I haven't particularly liked the darkness. There was a time I could not sleep with the lights out, boarding school was a series of nightmares for a while. Yes, I found myself jumping into my friends beds some nights, it was that bad.
I love the night though, especially now that my panic and anxiety attacks are beginning to lessen, surely I have come a long way from my 13yr old self at boarding school. The best bit of the night, apart from the lovely quiet, the sound of life shutting down, my shower. Yes, my shower is just amazing. 
There was a youtube video I came across a while back, the lady talked about habits we needed to cultivate and taking a night time shower was one of them. I used to do it sometimes but was not really committed to it. But her simple explanation of the necessity drew me in. It seemed like common sense that had flown over my head. Let me outline the benefits of this nighttime shower.

1. You wash away all the struggles of the day
2. It is very calming, yes, I was only able to write this post after the shower my brain had been foggy since I got back from work
3. You will feel fresh and alive (Also drink loads of water)
4. Having a shower releases serotonin, so you go to bed happy and you will have a pleasant sleep
5. You go to your bed clean, which also promotes a good sleep, instead of bringing all the germs of day (work, public transport, car fumes, all sorts of people, bags, food, you name it!)
6. It is just wonderful, it makes me keep my sanity with clarity of mind and focus.
7. I smell wonderful! makes me happy!

There's only one thing that could probably make this child of the night happier *wink*


lawwyy said...

Erm... Midnight snacking? ;)

jemimahnaa said...

lol@lawwyy's true but nt gud tho. Ihave tried and tried to keep up with vn a shower b4 bed. I'm jst so lazy to commit, i keep tinkn bout it till i change into my nightwear and doze off. I'll keep trying tho, i really wanna make it a habit.