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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rock Music Palava

I remember listening to Barlow Girl's My God's enough for me, then a classmate comes to turn it off, cause I was half dozing. She's like, you are too addicted to Rock music play some christian music

I'm like Woah! What could get more Christian than that particular song!

I just understood then that some people are just muddled up when it comes to particular things like this rock song issue they arer always crucifying me about
Rock music is this and that, it annoys me attimes cause it is only 'Christian' I listen to, I can only listen to stuff i can hear clearly and understand.
It's one of the many things I do that makes some people draw very funny conclusions about me


Stalker: Part One


Have you ever been stalked by a weird looking dude, in a strange place...
its dark
your alone
he's watching ur every move
you're scared
you're pace increases, hes too
you're heart is racing
he starts racing to you..........

Ok let me not be too dramatic here,
actually my case wasn't so scary
I wasn't alone
it wasn't dark
it was in
Actually shiloh market during shiloh in Canaanland.

but hey it was scary ooh!

dude starts saying "let me ask u a question"

I'm like, indeed!
question ko
answer ni

we walked away from the market as fast as possible ooh
we saw him following us
one minute, ahead of us
the next, behind us


Anyways we lost him after a while
this was just the first day.

Stalker dude returns for part two!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

In My head!!

I come here to post something

and I end up feeling like I should post everything!!

gosh so much stuff i want to post, where do I start from?

lemme go over my dogs again

love em to death! lol
Angel the non-angelic dog

Bartima as we call her, shes Angels pup! funny pic
go on Barty, take ur medicine
barty: no awww, I want some shokolate!!!

There are so many angelic tales to tell, i dont know where to start from
the day she bit my mums friend..
the day she bit me..
the day she jumped down from the second floor..
the day she stole my chicken..
the day she was swallowing meat without chewing..
the day she was chased by two big randy dogs..
the day she was ill and puked EVERYWHERE

So much

Barty is another story!!lol

Shiloh time!


I'm in school for shiloh
isn't it great..
Yes it would have been awesome except for the fact that I have to assume refuge status in my own Hall!
I was chucked out of my room around 1am dis morning for some so called foreign Delegate
I have never seen a foreigner who belongs to a particular tribe in your country and is even speaking the lingo fluently, chai!!

I was so disoriented, I was ready to just pack my bags and go home
but knowing i came to seek God and no other being
i have to stay put

God help me in this!

This Shiloh must not be in vain!

Beneath the Surface

I read in my devotional today that
We should stop judging by appearances
By the way things look
Discriminating based on whatsoever criteria is
Absolutely wrong
Look beneath the surface.

You keep judging me
By the coverings you see
You can’t understand
They aren’t as real
As what is beneath the skin
You have forgotten about the person within
You can’t comprehend
The beauty underneath

You keep abusing me
Afraid of what i may be
You can’t perceive the real thing
Carried away by fear
You can’t stand me near
Cause you can’t recognise
The treasures inside

Im truly within
The splendour, oh can’t you see
The treasures that are all in me
Put in, by the Almighty!


Is like toxic air
U can’t breathe
Ur in constant fear
U can’t go anywhere
U’d b trapped in a snare
Steer clear from this air


The weakest soul knowing its weakness and believing this truth that strength can only come through effort and pratice will, thus believing, at once begin to exert itself, adding effort to effort, strength to strength, and patience to patience, will never cease to develop and would at last, Grow divinely

Friendship is an inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having never to weigh your thoughts nor measure your words!

Her heart was broken
many times before
her face looked frozen
you's know she wasn't just sore
She had fallen
Yes, she had
But she was still chosen
By the One
By the son
Who died on the cross

Am i too critical? beef dogical?? cynical??

I just love sarcasm alot

that's why House is my fav series for the

but most peeps dont seem to understand sarcasm

infact they take it to a whole new level!

I just like joking like dat, I dont intend to hurt anyone

ooh well

Saturday, December 8, 2007

So i turned 21

21 years on planet earth

hmm hmm

I thought it would be a big deal when it came around
I thought I'd have a huge party
I thought I'd have been well known for something
I thought....
but I look at myself and I dont feel different
I'm 21, I'm not in a hurry to do 'Adult' stuff
All this cry for freedom that people normally
partake in when they turn 21 eludes me.

it's all well and good
I Thank God !!!!

On Homosexuality

This topic keeps coming up everywhere

we are slammed by the brazenness of this act everywhere we turn to

its on the TV

in magazines

Sadly Nigerians are beginning to embrace this

I dont know why living in the so-called 21st century should change the laws of nature and the
guidance of Gods Holy word
The Bible states clearly in five places that homosexual behavior is sin: Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Romans 1:26, 27; 1 Corinthians 6:9,10; and 1 Timothy 1:9,10. Sexual lust and fantasy, both homosexual and heterosexual, are sinful according to God’s Word

IT is a SIN, pure and simple

It is not your 'sexuality'
I could be attracted to a female, but thats just part of the sin nature which we were born into.

Born Gay?
The majority of homosexuals believe they were born “gay.” This belief often supplies them with comfort, relieving them of any responsibility to change. However, there is no solid scientific evidence that people are born homosexual. The overwhelming majority of gay people are completely normal genetically. They are fully male or female.

Learned Behavior
We believe homosexuality is learned behavior which is influenced by a number of factors: a disrupted family life in early years, a lack of unconditional love on the part of either parent, a failure to identify with the same-sex parent. Later, these problems can result in a search for love and acceptance, envy of the same or the opposite sex, a life controlled by various fears and feelings of isolation.

There is a difference between experiencing a pull towards homosexual acts or fantasy and choosing to give in to that pull. This is the difference between temptation and sin. We can’t fully control that which tempts us, but the choice of whether or not to pursue that which tempts is within our power. This power of choice is strengthened by the Holy Spirit.

God help us!

Excerpts from

Flesh or Spirit

Your body tries to control you
Don't let it!
Your body must be put under
if you want to live forever
Your body must be crucified
so you can live in Christ

Your spirit is the Real thing
Be conscious of this being
Your Spirit loves to obey Him
thats who you should strive to be
your spirit must control
Your body must submit to higher authority
Which is your spirit in the Lord Almighty

Is it just me or is.....

The weather very funny these days
im in school now, its december and rain is falling HARD!
especially secs after the SUN has scorched the living daylights outta you

The sky so clogged that we cant see stars anymore
even the moon seems to give no shine.

my body getting

Nigeria getting better

the world getting smaller

this post relevant???

Friday, December 7, 2007

Nerdy Me

I have always fancied myself a nerd

i wear glasses

i like science

im studying for an Engineering degree

i game alot!

what more could you expect

im Nerdy!

i have a thing for people who wear glasses, that is, cute people

but nerds do get to the top ooh

Some VERy TOP Nerds


Today I had my last lecture for the semester..yay!!, how relieving

It was a lecture by one my favorite lecturers

course: Satellite communications

Anyways, the day started out somehow, I hadn't gotten much sleep
due to the conditions i faced on my body
then I forgot my assignment in my room, which is on the fourth floor
had to climb back up..aww arrgh!
Then i made sure i submitted ooh, cos the lecturer even forgot to ask
I was so happy!

After the lecture, I went to the cafeteria
got food and a bottle of maltina, marched down to my hall
NEPA/PHCN/Generator was out, no 'light!'
Shoot!, took out my laptop, atlist I still had battery time

Thought about the whole semester and to think it would end tomorow
WWooww, cnt wait to be gone! yayayay!!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Temperaments

My CholericSang (45%)
Sometimes I just want to go out there and give my all, do wild things and crazy stuff. This part of me loves extreme sports, skateboarding, guitars, rock songs. This side of me could be tactless regardless of whoever is involved, very stubborn, either my way or the highway. Self centered, talks too much, cheerful, likes American accent.

My Mel Phleg(55%)
This side of me just wants to sit back on a la-z-boy and spend the whole day alone, away from strife, from people and their wahala, loves God alot, very family oriented, cares for people, very emotional, cries for movies, wants to help everyone, perfectionist, intolerant, loves reading, ballet, classical music, loves art. Loves the British accent.

The day i got Robbed

It was a sunday afternoon, in the month of April

and will i say, due to the fact that i didn't go to church it actually happened?

I felt guilty about not going to church, I felt I brought the whole robbery thingy on my head.

Anyways, it was at Mr Biggs on Ozumba, 2pm Just imagine that.

I was with a 'friend', I had my laptop and my phone

My beautiful Macbook and Pink Razr...awwww..the memories

They took all this in a space of 5mins or less

It was a surreal experience, I couldn't even cry then

I didn't eat through out that day, I cried myself to sleep and had nightmares

They actually pointed a gun at me!!! how terrifying!

it was a horrible experience
but I thank God I'm over it now!

Excerpts Form T.D Jakes...

The Lady
Without love, life is bland and success is empty
Quiet moments alone allow us to explore how deeply we are committed to our sense of healthy well being and fortitude.
We are connoisseurs of the fine architectural design of life, love and the echange of human energy.

There is nothing worse than giving the right thing to the wrong person
In order to truly give ur self you must appreciate the gifts you possess
You train others how to treat you by how you treat urself

It is the upward reach of the Spirit
And the inward reach of the soul
That enables the outward reach of the body.

Three P’s you should follow
Prayer; Pray for strength, things you have no control over
Praise; God for survival, grace
Pamper: Give urself a treat, eat out alone.

Her Lover
True love is like fine wine, growing sweeter as it ages

A good lover is the one that stays when all others have walked away

Younglove is like Springtime, Everything is fresh and new
By summer it blossoms
By Autumn, its comfortable
By winter, its an evergreen plant

What it takes
You must marry in the faith
Your partner should satisfy your body,mind and soul
Body; You must be physically attracted to him
Mind; you must be of like minds, able to talk, listen and enjoy each others company
Soul; you must share similar values, share the same map
Spirit; you must flow in the same spirit, the Spirit of God

True intimacy is the bonding of hearts that gives the feeling of acceptance and not the tangling of flesh

He should be ur Husband, Protector,Lover and Brother
Being lovers is being someones place of habitation, recreation and rrest
Being lovers means that a couple has directional focus that has centered them on the commitment to fulfil each others needs.

He must be able to trust u
.Your motives
.To be fulfilled in wanting only him
.Not to change
.Not to use his openness against him
.To establish trust, just listen
.Not to compete with him

What is Marriage
This is the collaboration of two hearts that join together to overcome the obstacles of life and create an atmosphere of shared pleasure and deeper love

Our words matter more than we can imagine
A woman who knows what to say is a mighty power ful voice
Men deeply appreciate a woman full of kind words

What is Love
Love is a dialogue, one that occurs between two people who do not know what the others response will be

Even if you have more degrees than a thermometer, more money than a bank, you r better looking than a Hawaiian sunset, if you lack the ability to be a partner in a storm, a soul mate in times of desolation, you are nothing at all!

Be Three times a Lady
The mother he needs
The friend he neva had
The lover he dreamed about


Up above in the sky

I must admit i felt scared
I had’nt travelled by air
Since last year
God, keep me in your blood
So that no matter what, i’ll
Turn out victorious
Sharing testimonies of the great things you did for us

Descending, even as we reached the airpot, i thanked GoD
Profusley cos he kept us
And i know now and always
He always will.


Weird Feelings

I have been having weird feelings, pulses, ripplings in my body
i cant seem to find a possible explanation or any reason for this

im a bit scared tho, cos its annoying and irritating


What i plan to Do ....

i always plan to do stuff

but i mostly neva get off to doin them

but i love planning, but if i dont take care i will just be planning to fail.

i have too many things i want to do,

im just trying to rearrange my self

My engineering degree is still in view, i need to get that outta the way first

Right now, i am tying up loose ends at school

so that i can b free for the holidays


aww aw aw

God's Love + Grace

Its real, the love i feel
It reaches deep within my innermost being
Its real the mercy you give
It flows deep like a river in full season
Its real, the compassion that shows
It makes me know, your love isn’t just for show.

Finally I’m set free
From the shackles of endless sin
I have so much peace in my core
I am not afraid anymore :)

How long would the rain fall?
You ask
Would the storm end at all
It seems like you cant go on
But...hold on! There is a door!
That would lead you straight to God...The Son.

Like a burning flame fire in a forest
Kindled on the plains of my heart
In brilliant orange splendour
Its burning in me

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Passions

i love to write

i love to design

i love to sing

i love computers

its hard to stay focused on one thing

i daresay its harder when u get bored easily

i need help!

i hv unfinished books evry where

unfinished songs

songs yet to be sung

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Life as a Spirit

Beyond this physical terrain
There's an invisible domain
Where angels battle over souls in vast array
But down on earth is where I am
No wings to fly, no place to stand
Here on my knees I am a stranger in this land

I need an intervention
A touch of providence
It goes beyond religion
To my very circumstance

Its Supernatural