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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Stalker: Part One


Have you ever been stalked by a weird looking dude, in a strange place...
its dark
your alone
he's watching ur every move
you're scared
you're pace increases, hes too
you're heart is racing
he starts racing to you..........

Ok let me not be too dramatic here,
actually my case wasn't so scary
I wasn't alone
it wasn't dark
it was in
Actually shiloh market during shiloh in Canaanland.

but hey it was scary ooh!

dude starts saying "let me ask u a question"

I'm like, indeed!
question ko
answer ni

we walked away from the market as fast as possible ooh
we saw him following us
one minute, ahead of us
the next, behind us


Anyways we lost him after a while
this was just the first day.

Stalker dude returns for part two!!!


Anu boy said...

well, thank God you are safe