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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Am i too critical? beef dogical?? cynical??

I just love sarcasm alot

that's why House is my fav series for the

but most peeps dont seem to understand sarcasm

infact they take it to a whole new level!

I just like joking like dat, I dont intend to hurt anyone

ooh well


Anu boy said...

Hey there, Nice Blog you have here, and thanks alot for stopping by, hope to see more of you on my blog and uhmm, you will be seeing more of me on yours,

sorry about your wonderful Mac, and just incase you still need your Apple products, know you can get them at the apple store at the civic center on Ozumba,,,,

thats where i work...

hope to see ya...

Tiona said...

Thanks man!

Ozumba , again!!!



Anyways, yea i will stop by (mr
i really cant get one yet
just got a pc, so i will have to wait a year to get a Mac again :(