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Friday, December 7, 2007


Today I had my last lecture for the semester..yay!!, how relieving

It was a lecture by one my favorite lecturers

course: Satellite communications

Anyways, the day started out somehow, I hadn't gotten much sleep
due to the conditions i faced on my body
then I forgot my assignment in my room, which is on the fourth floor
had to climb back up..aww arrgh!
Then i made sure i submitted ooh, cos the lecturer even forgot to ask
I was so happy!

After the lecture, I went to the cafeteria
got food and a bottle of maltina, marched down to my hall
NEPA/PHCN/Generator was out, no 'light!'
Shoot!, took out my laptop, atlist I still had battery time

Thought about the whole semester and to think it would end tomorow
WWooww, cnt wait to be gone! yayayay!!!!

2 comments: said...

U school @ CU I suppose, that building looks familiar.
Good for u, u are ending lectures tomorrow - I wish I was ending lectures too.

By the way, u dropped a comment on - I can't understand.

C ya.

Tiona said...

yup yup

it is Covenant

and its my college building