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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Excerpts Form T.D Jakes...

The Lady
Without love, life is bland and success is empty
Quiet moments alone allow us to explore how deeply we are committed to our sense of healthy well being and fortitude.
We are connoisseurs of the fine architectural design of life, love and the echange of human energy.

There is nothing worse than giving the right thing to the wrong person
In order to truly give ur self you must appreciate the gifts you possess
You train others how to treat you by how you treat urself

It is the upward reach of the Spirit
And the inward reach of the soul
That enables the outward reach of the body.

Three P’s you should follow
Prayer; Pray for strength, things you have no control over
Praise; God for survival, grace
Pamper: Give urself a treat, eat out alone.

Her Lover
True love is like fine wine, growing sweeter as it ages

A good lover is the one that stays when all others have walked away

Younglove is like Springtime, Everything is fresh and new
By summer it blossoms
By Autumn, its comfortable
By winter, its an evergreen plant

What it takes
You must marry in the faith
Your partner should satisfy your body,mind and soul
Body; You must be physically attracted to him
Mind; you must be of like minds, able to talk, listen and enjoy each others company
Soul; you must share similar values, share the same map
Spirit; you must flow in the same spirit, the Spirit of God

True intimacy is the bonding of hearts that gives the feeling of acceptance and not the tangling of flesh

He should be ur Husband, Protector,Lover and Brother
Being lovers is being someones place of habitation, recreation and rrest
Being lovers means that a couple has directional focus that has centered them on the commitment to fulfil each others needs.

He must be able to trust u
.Your motives
.To be fulfilled in wanting only him
.Not to change
.Not to use his openness against him
.To establish trust, just listen
.Not to compete with him

What is Marriage
This is the collaboration of two hearts that join together to overcome the obstacles of life and create an atmosphere of shared pleasure and deeper love

Our words matter more than we can imagine
A woman who knows what to say is a mighty power ful voice
Men deeply appreciate a woman full of kind words

What is Love
Love is a dialogue, one that occurs between two people who do not know what the others response will be

Even if you have more degrees than a thermometer, more money than a bank, you r better looking than a Hawaiian sunset, if you lack the ability to be a partner in a storm, a soul mate in times of desolation, you are nothing at all!

Be Three times a Lady
The mother he needs
The friend he neva had
The lover he dreamed about


Olukunle said...

very nice reflections...'On what it takes',there's no point in going into a rship or marriage that's one sided. Everything penned down here happens to be the truth...