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Saturday, December 8, 2007

So i turned 21

21 years on planet earth

hmm hmm

I thought it would be a big deal when it came around
I thought I'd have a huge party
I thought I'd have been well known for something
I thought....
but I look at myself and I dont feel different
I'm 21, I'm not in a hurry to do 'Adult' stuff
All this cry for freedom that people normally
partake in when they turn 21 eludes me.

it's all well and good
I Thank God !!!!


Ife said...

Thank God for your life.
Happy 21st Birthday, its good you are not making any fuss out of it, some will still celebrate their 21st birthday more than once in their lifetime.

Tiona said...

more than once??



my bday was actually in august!

anonymous said...

you have got to be d cutest girl..I wanna see ur eyes, I wanna see ur eyes..(clapping my hands in excitement:P)

Tiona said...

Anon e must!

u r here too!



uve got a name ryt?

Olukunle said...

its not abt being 21...its abt being able to take responsibility in any situation that comes our way.
One's Aspirations and Attainments should never be bottled into a particular age bracket...

lathrop said...

Congratulations on being 21....
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