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Friday, December 7, 2007

Nerdy Me

I have always fancied myself a nerd

i wear glasses

i like science

im studying for an Engineering degree

i game alot!

what more could you expect

im Nerdy!

i have a thing for people who wear glasses, that is, cute people

but nerds do get to the top ooh

Some VERy TOP Nerds


Olukunle said...

...never knew we have something going on for Wole Soyinka...I've digested two of his autobiographical factions, and excerpts of 'You must set forth at dawn'. I still haven't been able to get my hand on 'Ishara'.
I met him in Lagos once...He's one of those you'd really be proud of as a mentor...only thing i dont like abt him is the fact that he's an atheist

Bebe said...

Dude im Nerdy toooo...
we could start a nerdy association of cool chicks !!!