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Sunday, December 9, 2007

In My head!!

I come here to post something

and I end up feeling like I should post everything!!

gosh so much stuff i want to post, where do I start from?

lemme go over my dogs again

love em to death! lol
Angel the non-angelic dog

Bartima as we call her, shes Angels pup! funny pic
go on Barty, take ur medicine
barty: no awww, I want some shokolate!!!

There are so many angelic tales to tell, i dont know where to start from
the day she bit my mums friend..
the day she bit me..
the day she jumped down from the second floor..
the day she stole my chicken..
the day she was swallowing meat without chewing..
the day she was chased by two big randy dogs..
the day she was ill and puked EVERYWHERE

So much

Barty is another story!!lol


Anu boy said...

cute dogs u have there

Tiona said...

thnku thnk u

Koala Gal said...

Chai Chai, lovely handsome dog!
Your pic on the top banner is cool

Tiona said...


thnk u, koala gurl