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Friday, January 1, 2010

Massive End of 2009 post


This has been the most eventful year so far.
The experience through this year is so thick, I couldn't cut it with a knife
I'd need a chainsaw.

Things i did.

Served my nation
Went back to my natural hair
Got into school for my masters degree
Cut off toxic relationships
Trying to live life on my own

Things unexpected.

Friction between my dad and I
Missing my Flight
Deaths of lots of people

Lessons Learnt

Life is short, Live it
Death is nothing to be afraid of.


Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...


'The experience through this year is so thivk, i couldnt cut it with a knife
i'd need a chainsaw.'

wow what a comment! with a chainsaw? kind of deep!

So how llong did it take you to go natural ... did you do the Big chop ? or transition ? I wanted to do this was just talking about it 2days ago ....

you did NYSC was it ?

Congrats on doing your masters!! It's not easy but you'll get throught it!

sorry to hear about the deaths...

have a great year ahead hun

GamineGirlie said...

Thanks alot
Can you imagine, im not done with this post..still trying to compose my

I Transitioned actually, the last time i had a relaxer in must have been April 2008, i just let it grow out and cut off the relaxed ends, by February 2009 i was completely natural

NYSC.....pissh! what an experience!
lol, i still cant believe the things i had to go least if i decide to write a book, i'd have plenty material.

My masters..wooo harder than i thought, its thrown me completely out of my comfort zones..i will definitely do a post about it once im done with this reflective essay i have to turn in next week.