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Saturday, January 2, 2010


I welcome myself to this new year, I know it began like every other day but I'm so glad to see 2009 gone!
Lots of Resolutions this year, I've never really had like, the need to write them down. I always knew, I wanted everyday to bring me closer to the person i want to be. I wanted everyday to make me a better person, to bring some sort of fulfillment.
*deep inhale*

In this year, I want to achieve something tangible, I need to have that, I want some form of growth in the way I live, the things I eat, the health of my body and my hair..I want to see better.

I want to communicate more effectively,
I'm gonna.

I'm going to show my kindness more outwardly.
I will definately try.

oh yeah! I have to stop writing Definitely as

I know Family is first and foremost...I pray to never let them down.

I will not tolerate bad air around me, any negative aura must be gone!

I'm going to start things and finish them.

well, lots more but i will just leave them as points.

The List

1, Learn more about the THEORY and PRACTICE of DESIGN

2, Develop Great Habits

3, BE Positive

4, Learn to Write better

5, Work Harder

6, Ignore Naysayers

7, Make IT better

8, Get Involved

9, Be Kind

10, Have Passion

11, Dont Lie!

12, Draw something (i love faces though) EVERYday

I think this is not so much, to have for the new

So help me God! :D



Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

All the best with your resolutioons hun!

I love your hair ...this is why i want to go natural!!

GamineGirlie said...

Aww, thanks alot yeah! Going of the best things i did in 2009, if for the right reasons, you wont regret it